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Frank Zappa: Eyes Wide Open, Not Shut!

The Industry Exposed does it again (they’re on the blogroll too)!  Somehow, they have the wherewithal to keep finding footage of your favorite celebs who have exposed this chess game long before we could even conceive it.  Their latest expose’ includes Frank Zappa who lends some surprising insights into music, then and now.  He also understood that there are “powerful people” behind the scenes pulling the strings and it seems he shared those views quite a few times throughout his career.  You’ll also get hip to something called “VNR” or Video News Releases (I didn’t think those were still used in newsrooms).  Keep in mind these are dated interviews and things have definitely changed.  But check it out because you’ll get a new little history lesson on the industry, news and even the production of politics all in one by the least likely person you could think of…

A note to The Industry Exposed though… I always like the music chosen for your series, but can’t we eliminate the N-word?  🙂

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