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“A Little Sexy” to Get You Going (Men): Jason Momoa… The “New” Conan is mmm, mmm, good!

Yeah… this one falls under “A Little Sexy…”.  There’s something about this cat that sends all sorts of “red flags” as if he’s hell on wheels”… but GOOD LAWDY, MISS CLAUDIE”…  he’s enticing to MY eyes!  There’s something about THIS guy that is ohh sooo delicious to me!   Funny, I’ve never heard him utter a word and I KNOW he’s an actor, but this sexy muthafuka turns me on!!!!  He’s cast in the role of the “2.0” version for the remake “Conan” and I can’t believe hollyweird ACTUALLY got THIS casting right!!!!

Most should already know that I like ’em tall, DARK and thick (athletic)– it’s my personal preference BUT… this SEXY muthafucka who’s origins remain unknown to me has that “look” I dig soooo much.  You can be black, yellow or green as long as your genes fit “his bill” (plus having a brain)…and  oh yes indeedy–we’d definitely break bread!  😉 Check this sexy ass fuka out (again):

Although I ain’t diggin’ tha shoes… who fuckin’ cares?!  LOL!!  This guy is so incredibly captivating to me he’s actually replaced my “gaga” far and above Lennox Lewis!  After receiving the email about his casting I dug a little more and found a couple of other pics of him while a bit younger… and dude has GOOOOD FRIGGIN GENES is all I can say! Enjoy…

Here he is looking all good in Hawaii…

Of all of his many different and sexy looks, I think this has to be my favorite– he pulls off the earthy look well…

And I do like the glasses on him too…

Shoot– I think my egg just split (lol)!!  If this ain’t enough “sexy” to get you going, well… you need a vacation!

8 thoughts on ““A Little Sexy” to Get You Going (Men): Jason Momoa… The “New” Conan is mmm, mmm, good!

  1. “*twirls and faints*”…. too cute! 🙂

    Gary Dourdan was a cutie, ( http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-q3FiDXuigbU/TcFxIbA0wMI/AAAAAAAABiw/jq45JRW2SaU/s1600/gary_dourdan_2.jpg ) but I don’t think he’s holding up too well… http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Tq_J2dAaAIs/SJHlT2_GfNI/AAAAAAAABEc/HYUdhO3Z5oA/s400/gary-dourdan-beach-speedo-1.jpg (poor thing).

    Jason is aging quite nicely on the other hand! 😉 I’ve got another guy in mind to profile but I can’t remember his name right now… (????)

    • Hi, “AWB.com”!

      Well, I’m not hip to internet speak, nor is it a priority, but does that mean; “minus 1 “yoy” reader? If so.. to each his own. What I can’t figure out is if people don’t want to debate their findings and/or disagree with a web/blog content… uhm… why bother leaving a comment?

      And if I’ve COMPLETELY misunderstood– you mean to tell me you don’t find this guy ‘crazy, sexy, cool’?! WTH?! 🙂

  2. Oh me oh my…what a very sexy man…yes indeed…I love him with the long curly hair…most definetly gets my juices flow!!

    This post has made my day. 🙂

    • Hi there, Francina (IlluminatiPhobia)!

      “have you seen the tattoo on his left wrist of a whole lotta triangles (pyramids)? I think that’s symbolic… ” yes, as a matter of fact I did notice that. I’m still in a bit of denial myself because I too want to think that not every face of hollyweird/entertainment actually sold out. But yes, it was duly noted (sadly). “Regretfully”… he’s still nice eye candy (at least for now)… 😉

      P.S. Good eye (radar)!!!!

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