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9/11: The 2011 Rememberance (I hope it will make you think…)

I thought I’d approach this from an angle that we certainly should be able to understand.  Whether you believe in the conspiracies or not, the bottom line– we are losing tons of men and women fighting a war that’s validity remains in question.  And to question authority is actually our responsibility. 

I think the people who have the most authority on how these structures came down are the very people who build them; Architects and Engineers.  I happen to think that when over 1,500 professional A & E’s voluntarily get together to address this, they might actually know what they’re talking about (sarcasm implied).  There are so many clues that something else occurred on September 11th besides “brown people” attacking ass-merica, but they focus on the obvious… “Building 7”: You know what I find crazy?  That the government keeps telling “the people”, “NO”?  Seriously… who do they think they are?  They have truly forgotten their role– they serve US.

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