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Suri Cruises’ Sex Kitten Programming is Almost Complete!

Looks like they’ve been working on this little girl since birth preparing her for the next generation of mind controlled slaves.  I don’t know how we’ve managed to miss this, but we are witnessing her transformation to live a life that she will never have control over.  It’s not trendy, cute or adorable that she’s been photographed wearing high heels…

That is a little girl but we’re being groomed to see her as a little woman.  There’s nothing innocent about this gradual transformation of this child.  “People in the know” are being shown that they are molding this child as per the programming.  And now the lipstick…

I mentioned in this article that subtle, everyday items are triggers for people who under this mind control.  It keeps them in an altered state. 

Butterflies and bunny ears… the works!  Remember what I mentioned about Christina Aguilera’s little boy who had the black eye, to keep your eyes peeled for bruises or casts on children of celebs?  Looks like little Suri was spotted with some bruised knees just like her mommy, Katie…

I know… kids fall all the time.  I was a kid too but I never got bruised knees!  I’ve fallen off of bikes, out of trees, jungle gyms, roller skates, merry go rounds and I got scrapes and cuts… not bruises!  In the first shot, clothing her in red is very significant.  In the second shot, the black and white item along with the pearls are indicators that something is amiss.  These images are not innocent by any stretch of the imagination.  For more clarity and understanding, I highly recommend Esoteric Kitten’s youtube channel which carries a series called; “Hollywood MK Deception”.  These are my rudimentary observations of little Suri but there are others who are far more well versed and Esoteric Kitten is one of the authorities on this subject.  Check her out because it’s really time that we expand our minds and grasped this information.  Because we are in fact contributing to these celebs’ continued (and generational) abuse.  Entertainment is not “just for fun”– it’s down right Satanic.

9 thoughts on “Suri Cruises’ Sex Kitten Programming is Almost Complete!

    • What are you talking about? And “respect for the fact that this is a little girl?” What? I don’t understand how ‘real people’ who have “an argument/rebuttal” can’t offer a counter but would rather throw ‘insults’ instead. That’s not an ‘argument’– that nonsense will get you banned from here too. Read “The Rules” (has a tab at the top).

      • Ban me if you like. It was my first visit to your blog and I’d already decided the place is not worthwhile. Saying such salacious and obscene things about a tiny girl like that is not acceptable. You are defensive because you know you’re wrong. Bye..

      • What are you talking about? This article is about the network of MK Ultra Programming of children that parents offer their kids to. This article is to save children including Suri so there’s nothing “salacious” about it!

        Your claim that I’m “defensive”– guess again– I loathe ignorance and your “rebuttal’s” utterances of nonsense. Catch up because even Bill Clinton has admitted to mind control experiments perpetrated on the american public. Also, research S.R.A.

        And please– don’t let my futile blogsite continue to lure you if you found it so unworthy of your attention. Really. Move on as this is a site for people who want to wake up. By the way— people throw the word respect around way too much. Kids don’t get respect– they get protected. Respect is EARNED and AUTOMATICALLY reserved for the elderly.

    • Mover…A LITTLE GIRL, who they dress like an ADULT WOMAN!!! WHERE is there ANY disrespect shown for this little girl, I would say it is more like Concern for what is being done TO Her!!! You don’t make ANY sence in your comment at all.

      • 🙂 That person HAD to be a shill (but maybe not)! Though I won’t disclose their exact location, Mover writes from Spain so I’ll assume English is a ‘second’ language so maybe they didn’t fully comprehend the article. 😉 Either way– the lack of critical thinking is EXACTLY what those ‘elite’ have been working towards and Mover is yet another example of their efforts being achieved. Psychological warfare is real. Edward Bernays is credited for it. 😉

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