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Social Security Has Paid Millions of Dollars to 1,760 Dead People Since 2008

Good grief!  Again… why in the world do we continue to believe that our government knows what in the hell they are doing?!  Allgov.com writes:

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has spent tens of millions of dollars paying beneficiaries after they’ve died, some for as long as decades.  An audit by the agency’s inspector general found that since 2008 $40.3 million was paid to more than 6,000 individuals who were reported to be deceased. In most cases, the people were actually still alive, but in about 1,760 cases the recipients were most definitely dead. One person told CNN Money that he notified officials four years ago about his mother’s death. And yet she continues to receive her monthly checks.  Another Social Security recipient, who died in April 1990 and whose death was recorded by SSA the following month, kept getting checks that eventually totaled $210,000.  The audit also determined that SSA paid about $7.3 million to 11,912 people who weren’t even eligible for Social Security and overpaid about $313 million to 89,300 beneficiaries.

Please be sure to visit: Kick Them All Out as they are offering a solid solution to this ever increasing nightmare.  And again, this can be accomplished by the next election (2012) not a decade from now.  I don’t know how anyone simply can’t be completely fed up with the incompetency and poor performance over the last 30 years.  It’s actually time to re-invent this wheel.  Even the hopeful candidates who have the best intentions will never fix this mess because the amount of corruption is so thoroughly locked in they’d only be spinning their wheels which they eventually discover.  I think Al Franken is actually a pretty good example of that.  We do have a choice.

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