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Another Look At Qaddaffi

I’d be the first to admit that I was wrong because both sides of this debate are convincing (to a point).  I simply find it too hard to believe that a man who had the wherewithal to build a water system that could supply the people of Libya for 1,000 years is this deranged dictator instead of a person who’s actually been helping them in more ways than we’ll ever know.  Maybe we are still judging this book by its’ cover in the literal sense because we have forgotten to judge the character of a man versus his appearance.  Well, here’s a couple of shots of him in his youth:

I think he was rather striking, don’t you?  So now that we’ve gotten this cooky image that western media has created for him out of our minds for a SECOND, let’s check out some more stuff Colonel Qaddaffi offers as an example of leadership and how NATO is committing crimes against humanity.  They paint him as the villain yet they bomb a Down Syndrome hospital?!  Just watch…

The creator of this clip claims that Qaddaffi sponsored terrorists and some say he himself, was one.  Well… years later, at least one of those claims appears to be yet another falsehood:

This next clip demonstrates how our media (I include the whitehouse too) that we’ve placed so much stock in, is spinning lies like a spindle top.  You’ll get dizzy if you’re not careful:

I really didn’t want to throw this one in here again, but DAMMIT SON– you’ve GOT to listen to Wesley Clark on this…

Food for thought… wouldn’t you say?

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