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The Tripoli Deception

This is the Libyan flag:

And this is the footage that BBC aired and threw the word “Live” on top of the b-roll:

Now… here’s the Indian flag:

Again… deception is running at peak levels and whats taken place in Libya and against Colonel Qaddafi is not something that we should allow ourselves to fall for so easily.  As long as I’ve heard about or even read about Qaddafi I was conditioned to believe he was this horrible dictator.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  As a matter of fact, I’d compare him to JFK for what he’s done and was trying to do for his people.  When we listen to his words, not media spin or some unauthorized biography, we see a very different story.  He began to establish his legacy at the young age of 27.  This man is an example of honor, true leadership and integrity not the horrible villain the West has made him.

Now… I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall one dictator ever using an analogy that would make this reference:

We are like innocent lambs surrounded by wolves.

And if he’s such a dictator, why does he make this condemning statement and warn the panel that they could be next?:

Along comes a foreign power, occupies a Arab country, and hangs its president and we all sit on the sidelines laughing?

This man is far from a villain and I highly recommend you read his book in his own words about who he his, what he believes and how much he’s actually given to the people of Libya.  If this man is removed or killed, now that I actually understand why millions of people are supporting this “dictator”, we are all doomed.  Not an exaggeration– read his words in “The Green Book“.

We have judged this book [Qaddafi] by it’s cover (I include myself too) and hopefully we will see what a dangerous thing that truly is.  This man is a hero and he deserves support from around the world!  Those people had a life that was very similar to what Switzerland offers its’ citizens– plus he was about to distribute the wealth amongst the people!  There’s your motive for taking this man out!  Here’s the actual footage of the millions of Libyans who happily support their leader not some rogue dictator:

This last clip is pretty cool… which one looks more like a tyrannical regime to you?!

Why O’ Why stands in complete solidarity with the people of Libya and Colonel Qaddafi!

Accompanied Material:

Understanding the Green Book” (VIDEO)

1976 Qaddafi Interview on BBC  (VIDEO)

Patrick Henningsen on Libya (VIDEO)

Qaddaffi Cruisin’ – UNCUT April 14, 2011

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