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Subliminal Messaging: “Back To the Future Part 3” – WTF?

I saw this one a few years ago but could never find a crisp upload.  Someone has (thankfully) uploaded this where it’s clear that there is no manipulation.  Just watch…This type of tactics is in AAALLL forms of entertainment whether you’re convinced or not.  There is one other thing that appears to be happening in this scene.  The kid seemed a bit robotic and slightly distressed.  This might mean he’s displaying signs of Trauma Based Mind Control which I’ve already outlined HERE.  And if you look really closely you can tell that he’s looking at the camera, then at someone and he even whispers something.  Mind control is alive and well in entertainment.  Who was the director of the “Back to the Future” flicks?  Oh yeah…Robert Zemeckis!  What a wholesome guy!!!  If entertainment is not being used as part of an agenda then why are there so many secretive references found in it?  Honestly… how can anyone still be in denial after seeing that?

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