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The Truth And Nothing But The Libyan Truth (MUST WATCH & SHARE THIS VIDEO)!!!!

Every now and then I strike gold when skipping down this fucked up rabbit hole.  I keep saying the bad guy is never who it seems and we simply MUST stop relying on media, the whitehouse press and start looking for the real truth.  This video is going leave you with your mouths hanging wide open… I GUARANTEE IT!  We must stop being pawns in their game… watch and learn.

Click HERE to read Colonel Qaddifi’s book… it’s only 33 pages long!  Thank you soooo much “Pimpdarlin” for putting this clip up and sharing with the world the TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE LIBYAN TRUTH!!!  And please remember to check out; “Kick Them All Out“!  I’ve been saying this for so long now, but they really are some very sick fucks.  They have to go, ya’ll!!!!

4 thoughts on “The Truth And Nothing But The Libyan Truth (MUST WATCH & SHARE THIS VIDEO)!!!!

  1. He lady very interesting, Thanks for the info and letting us see that not all countries are in boundage to the system or any system.

    • Yeah… it’s damned impressive! Wait until you read his book! I mean… I’m actually speechless. It’s the only adjective I can find! Please share it with as many people as you can!

  2. Fanstastic and all true to!!!!
    Thank you so much for this. The imperialists are not going to get away with this shit much longer. To many people are getting the real news from outside corporate media rats who try to manage perceptions instead of giving us the news. Hillary Clinton said they were losing the media wars and got about a billion dollars to start grinding out her BS over the net and the world. We won’t get fooled again!!!!!

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