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The Soldiers Are FINALLY Catching On!

This is very exciting to see.  The only way the rest of the world will know that this war is bullshit and that AMERICA has become the terrorist, is for the soldiers to speak out and it appears they are!  A year ago I remember being very moved by Grant Collins‘ speech (so much so that I ended up snottin’ on my damn radio show! lol) and now just a little over a year later there’s a whole lot more who are joining forces and letting the world know… THIS WAR IS WRONG, ILLEGAL AND WE ALL HAVE BLOOD ON OUR HANDS.  These are soldiers who’ve been there.  So… will you listen? Their website has been added to the Blogroll.

4 thoughts on “The Soldiers Are FINALLY Catching On!

  1. Thank you so much lady this was an excellent clips very compassionate and very touching. I am so happy to see soldiers open there eyes and stand up. It is so very true that if you give up your freedom for security that you deserve neither because there will be no neither. If someone is willing to take away your freedom why in the hell will they then turn around and provide you with security?


      I’m so happy to see that they’re finally catching on to the fact that they could do this all along! If we never declared war, this in fact makes that war COMPLETELY illegal!! But I do realize that people need to move in groups sometimes and they started with 1 and eventually 7 and now they’re 1,200+ and GROWING! Like one of the guys said; “it’s the soldiers who are going to have to stop this war” and he ain’t never lied!

      It is touching because it’s the TRUTH! The truth that media continues to hide! I hope more brave active and inactive soldiers get on board so you can come on home!

  2. This is fantastic the more vets and active duty soldiers we have who have seen the light the better. Those with money and power will not give it up peacefully. When we picket when we demonstrate who do they send in…police national guard today they can send in the military which once used to be illegal I can’t spell the latin commitus posse or something. means no troops in your own country.
    IN any case we will need to defend ourselves against the machine. It is good to know that we have experienced soldiers who can brief us on the tactics of the police state. They will do the same to us as they have done to other’s arouond the world. It is they who make revolutions violent not the people looking to make it a better world.

    • It’s “The Posse Comitatus Act”! It’s a real disgrace when I think about what’s happening with the BART situation. These cops get a free license to kill and people can’t assemble and protest?! Ass-merica is off the chain!!!!!

      “They will do the same to us as they have done to other’s arouond the world.”… for some reason, the general american public doesn’t seem to grasp that AT ALL! I find that alarming!!! “It is they who make revolutions violent not the people looking to make it a better world.”… Libya is a PERFECT example of that, wouldn’t you say?! I think what these ex-servicemen are doing is one of the most upstanding things I’ve seen in a while! That’s where the honor lies– not in committing crimes in an illegal war! I met countless soldiers while I was there and I could seem to encourage them to leap forward so I’m ELATED to find that a movement has FINALLY begun! I hope it continues to gain momentum!

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