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Nicki Minaj: Breaking Down Her Psyche And The Manufactured “Star(s)”

Recently, I’ve been on a mission to expose a side of entertainment that is very disturbing.  When we think of celebs doing off the wall things, we look at it as ‘daring, avante garde’ or whatever words of flattery chosen but there is truly something dark happening amongst your favorite celebs.  And tragically, every single woman and child in hollyweird is being abused in this way.  Make no mistake… this is happening and it’s actually been occurring since entertainment was first brought to our doorsteps.

I’ve been checking out this chick, Nicki, and she is definitely displaying obvious signs of the “Sex Kitten Programming” which is part of the CIA funded Mind Control program called; “MK Ultra“– that project has NEVER died.  Without reiterating it, just click HERE for the low down (overview) if you’re unfamiliar.  I simply wanted to point out a few things that are in plain site with Nicki because I’m CERTAIN people are thinking; “it’s just an act, for publicity or that’s just Nicki”.  Well, it’s none of the above… she is a programmed and abused person (human soul).  As a matter of fact, no one has publicly met “the real Nicki” because they’ve managed to lock that part of her mind away along time ago!  She, like many other popular acts, are puppets in the literal sense of the word.

I read that she had a domestic abuse problem with her boyfriend recently (my guess is he’s her “Handler”) but most notably I’m gathering that she’s known for her ‘multiple personalities’ which has been spun into something “hip or cool”.  To the contrary as her mind has actually been fragmented.  That British accent we hear, is most likely the accent of the person who was programming her as some of these diabolical “Trainers” are British.  You see… this is a global network of people who are still using MK Ultra on a portion of the population to include celebs– the more popular ones are all under this trauma based mind control.  The women in particular, are a slave to it.  And most of the powerful men (think Sean and Beyonce) are offered rewards for “handling their assignments” so well.  If you’ve ever seen the movie; “Stepford Wives”… this is a bit like that as the women become brainwashed zombie like beings that are spewing what their data tells them to.  It’s accomplished through a series of really torturous things, at times. Hypnosis and drugs are often used too.   And this is a generational thing… Christine Aguilera’s little boy has a black eye… they start this process when they are young (as early as two) putting them through extremely painful physical tortures.

As a matter of fact, this is this little tykes second black eye… same eye too…

I believe these injuries are the result of “Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)”.  And I’m not “blaming” Christina as she is an obedient, mind controlled, victim herself… look at the dead/blank look in her eyes!  For further understanding, a book by an actual survivor named; Brice Taylor is available on PDF: HERE.  And I know there are lots of videos with her too.

Back to Nicki… someone sent in two clips of her for my analysis (go figure?) and I can see how the behavior she’s displaying could go unnoticed or written off as an annoying thing she does, namely that “curious” accent that shows up.  Well… there are a few other celebs during the course of their career who “developed” a British accent too; Madonna and Britney come to mind.  And now this chick named Nicki from New York is nailing this accent too?!  Hmm… I wonder how she can do that so well since she’s just a ‘rapper’ and not an actor… just listen:What you just saw was her programming breaking down or possibly someone used a ‘trigger’ word to pull this out.  But more than likely, the alter we saw during that interview managed to pick up her trainer’s voice through her subconscious and every now and then, that accent pops out!  Check out Britney’s British accent because she nails it as well: “You’re better off being homeless than being me, sir & It’s been a long time since I had fun.”  Poor Britney!  Even in her altered state– she knows of her abuse!  When she mentions she doesn’t know who Adnon is (that photog she dated, more than likely another “Handler”), that alter of her mind probably doesn’t because that wasn’t “Britney” during the interview.  This next video was clearly not a case of her being wasted… Hell, I’ve been schnozzed once before and I didn’t act like that…When she shook her head and asked; “where have I been?” or when she said; “I feel like I’m behind or something”, doesn’t anyone find that suspicious besides me?  I don’t know… she’s actually kind of adorable (to me, especially after viewing this clip) and the discovery that mind control exists in that industry, well, I actually feel really sad for her more than ever. (Thanks “T” for the new clip!)

Now that I understand exactly what’s going in entertainment (in particular) these clips are actually tough to watch because I know that every single one of these people have endured trauma based mind control.  And mind control is a really nasty thing, ya’ll!  Another aspect of this is how suggestions/instructions can be planted in an alters’ mind to self-destruct (suicide) or become violent at a later time or whenever/if necessary.  The “Trainers” of Nicki have done that to her… listen to how she describes her personality; “Roman” and watch her eyes too especially at the :45 mark as this is when you can clearly see her alter appear.  Oh yeah, the dude that made this video says something too funny at the end, so just a heads up (lol):I think her choosing the word “conjured” is very telling plus she actually tells us; “he was born a few months ago” meaning she’s been recently programmed!  The guy who made the video says she’s possessed, I’m saying she’s under trauma based mind control and we are seeing her programmed alters appear.  And this is Satanic.  This actually isn’t new at all (much to my surprise) as this predates Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Ancient Summeria, Mesopotamia, Inca etc.  A wide array of people are being sold into this type of slavery too.  From the very poor to the wealthy and there’s this interesting link with the military that appears to be a constant.  The point of this post is to get you to see beyond the surface because each time we participate in whatever these celebs do, we are contributing to their continued abuse. 

Amy Winehouse’s death was actually a surprise for me because I didn’t believe that she was back on drugs.  An interesting Tweet she left before her death reads: ““Yeah one of them tried to mold me into a big triangle shape, and I went no.”  EDITORS NOTE: IT WASN’T A TWEET, it was from this interview and I believe she’s 20 years old (Thanks “T” for the find!): She’s definitely speaking in code here and she’s referring to the pyramid with the eye on the back of the dollar bill aka “The Illuminati” that controls all things– including entertainment.   For those that are hip to this subject, the discussion of a Ritual sacrifice is not some wild, outlandish thought— it’s a reality.  And it does appear that Amy was either born into this or her parents offered her to the program.  The military/government actually does have a program where they will solicit (blackmail too) parents for their children.  Some of the ‘parents’ are so happy to discover that they have a green light to incest, child porn, RSA, prostitution, snuff films (that’s right!) that they’ll have more children for the program!  It is literally something out of a really bad movie but our governments across the globe are a part of this… shit… they are the nucleus!!!  When I saw this image of Amy, I was certain that she was a part of this network of sociopaths/psychopaths and not of her own choosing:

The shortest definition I could find to explain the significance of the owl; 

“It represents the “wisdom” of witchcraft. It is the apex of what was inherited through the fall, the knowledge of good and evil.  The belief that godhood can be found through knowledge.”

I think that summarizes it well.  That’s Amy’s school portrait and it appears she went to a school that was involved in “Training” the next generation of mind controlled slaves.  Celebs didn’t just stumble into their ‘stardom’, they were chosen and groomed (through the torturous acts of rape, isolation, forced to eat human and animal excrement, participate in human and animal sacrificial rituals– it is horrendous what they endure).  And sometimes the mother is electroshocked while the baby is still in the womb which begins the splitting of the mind before the baby is born (because the mind is actually capable of sensing even in the womb)!  This is very sophisticated stuff and again… we are abusing them each time we rush out to buy an album, see a movie, buy a magazine, go to a concert, watch a game (Tiger is a victim too), etc.  They’ve been hard wired to be super achievers (how else can they keep such grueling schedules), feed us propaganda, crack the moral fiber of a nation (if not the world) because there is an agenda!  Just keep this post in mind the next time you see a celeb (or their child) with bruises, a cast… just keep your eyes peeled because it will become more obvious. 

Katie Holmes is another celeb who’s been spotted frequently with bruises, looking dazed or robotic.  Here’s a few examples:

Her knees look pretty bruised to me.

Looks fine until…

Looks like some Ritual bruising to me!  And here’s that famous blank/vacant stare once again:

And little Suri isn’t escaping this programming… here’s a shot of  her with obvious re-enforcement programming of a “Sex Kitten”…

Suri has already been initiated via sexual abuse on some level… the penis candy is a re-enforcement of that Trauma Based Mind Control and whatever sexual ritual she was forced to be a part of.  When you know what to look for… it’s really sort of frightening to discover that this has had such a long and quiet history to it.  It turns out, celebs have suffered some the worst crimes known to man and we get to enjoy the benefits of their soul wrenching labor!

18 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj: Breaking Down Her Psyche And The Manufactured “Star(s)”

  1. Hey lady have to come back and read this in full later but look at Christina son and Nicki picture and they both look the same in there eyes and face expression. Christina son to be does actually look a little scared of being with his mother he doesn’t look like he is comfortable where he is at in his mothers arms.

    So many stars act like they don’t read or listen to the comments that are being spoken about them but that is a lie because they always seem to respond by some form of social network with the quickness.

    I remember when Katie seems to be fighting against the system that she agreed to be apart of with Tom and now she is much quieter. You never see her and Tom together ever as the average married couple would be. Now even Will and Jada seem to be sabotaging there relationship as well as soon as there children come out as stars in there own right.

    When you think of it not too many people seem to be able to just reach the Hollywood status and when they do it is because they have been in the inner circle since they were kids. Even when you think that there name is not connected to other generational figures they usually are some how like by great grandparents.

    • Hi there, lady!

      “look at Christina son and Nicki picture and they both look the same in there eyes and face expression”… that’s my point exactly! If one looks at some pics of certain celebs– they see this “look” has been around for a while!

      “I remember when Katie seems to be fighting against the system that she agreed to be apart of”… this is a wee bit different as these people have no choice– they have been under mind control which is a lot different than Multiple Personality Disorder– this is a dissociative disorder and these people are “robotic” data files clothed in human flesh (just drawing an analogy).

      “even Will and Jada seem to be sabotaging there relationship”… again… this is a little different. Will and Jada were probably an ‘arranged’ union while in their altered states. I do include this Smiths in this scenario as Willow is just bursting with all types of symbolism to cue us in that she’s been initiated too.

      “When you think of it not too many people seem to be able to just reach the Hollywood status and when they do it is because they have been in the inner circle since they were kids.”… and that’s the point people need to keep in mind. This is a well orchestrated, sick, illusion– those top acts have all been a part of this.

      “United States of Tara”… ::cringes:: I don’t know…. someone tried to get me to tune into a show called “Dexter”, which I did…. I can’t say I like the sound of this one either. It’s sort of crazy for me to have worked in entertainment for as long as I did but now I can see it for its true poison after all these years. Can’t say I’ll bookmark that one for viewing… this topic is actually a bit different too (based on your description for the show). Hey– so far I’ve dug all your recommends so we’ll see. 🙂 I just realized how important it is to keep as much negative imagery, people, environments. etc. as far away as possible. 😉

    • katie holmes is married to tom cruise whici is co governor of scintology a sect which is a lot rumoured and accused by many ex members for abuses…recently i read in somewhere that katie wanted to divorce cause tom is going to introduce suri into scintology. The ex wive of cruise nicole kidman also confessed that she divorced cause of scintology sect from cruise…
      i suspect heavily also he couple brangelina.. they have so manu kids and angelina jolie is UNO ambassador…it isn’t so easy becoming ambassador of UN if u havenot contacts with masonry whihc have built the UN.

      a kind of sad tribute to britney spears

      it seems that she is collapsing, her program is getting crackedand it isn’t ok for her handlers. She may be the next to be killed by her handlers. She was re-started many times after brainwash in “rehab”, but it seems that her soul rebels and she can’t stay it any more…

      • Thank you for this! I hope people really will begin to see her (as well as others) for the victims they are.

        And I’m glad you mentioned “Rehab”… forgot to tell people that this really a code word for “re-programming”. And Britney is definitely lashing out (trying to break free). I didn’t think they’d kill Michael Jackson but they did so Britney could very well be next (can you imagine?)! I’ve actually been watching Lindsey Lohan… she’s set to play Sharon Tate (yikes). They seem to always make a movie about dying before it actually happens to them. Britney Murphy, Heath Ledger and even Amy posed as a corpse before her death: . Lindsey ‘feels like’ the next sacrifice but Britney’s soul really is fighting against them. And you’re right… the Handlers are not liking that!

        Brad and Jolie use to look so cool because they were adopting kids from all around the world… knowing what I know now… maaan…. that shit is all kinds of creepy!

  2. Look at Katie Holmes in the pictures she look blank has hell. She is not present. TV seems to distort your belief system and take you away form your own personal connection to your intuition. A lot of people are no longer present. I often feel the lack of connection in my own life trying to take place but I fight it diligently but eventually you have to pick a side and can not serve two different masters.

  3. One thing lady have you ever watched this show called the United States of Tara it is about a mother who have DSD or MSD if that is what it is called. She has multiple personality disorder and she is a mother who is married with two teenagers and she has like 5 different personalities. Her children know all of her alters and feel that they will never be normal because there mother does not have the ability to be normal. He son is suffering from coming out of the closet at 13 and her daughter is a 16 year old who has the freedom of a grown woman. The husband has been with her for 17 years and now he is realizing that she may be too much to handle. The show is now on its 3rd season she if you can find it and let me know what you think.

  4. Nicki Minaj IS an actress. She went to a famous performing arts school in nyc. Her father was a drug addict and she openly admits to creating characters at a young age to escape from reality. Back in the day we called that imagination….

    • Well, now I’m more than convinced that my analysis of her was spot on! There’s certainly more to view than what’s on the surface Zz, this was simply an introduction to this complex subject.

      There are other signs to indicate she’s under their program but you’d have to invest some time in researching this yourself to actually appreciate that. This is extremely sophisticated and every day things that are normal to you and I have significant impact on the programmed mind. I see three items that she’s wearing (in the pic of her) that keeps her in whatever altered state they have programmed in her mind.

      If you take the time to look at the linked material you should get a broader perspective. Being closed off to it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. These people ARE victims and we are contributing to their abuse and this has been happening in entertainment from the start.

  5. I remember seeing that interview with Amy on The Jonathan Ross Show. Back then I thought she was just being cute with that triangle comment. Now that I’m wiser and more informed her comment takes on a whole new meaning. Astute of you to catch that.

    The ignorant people make fun of anyone who mentions secret societies (Freemasons, Skull & Bones, etc.) when the fact is they exist and exert considerable – but not total – influence on much of what society consumes. The bigwigs and CEOs of major corporations, most if not all of them belong to one secret society or another – the people who refuse to acknowledge this and refuse to see it as the huge problem that it is, are cowards with their heads buried in the sand. They’d rather live their lives in ignorance and continue perpetuating this evil deceit.

    Things are rarely as they seem. The entertainment industry is more than just troubled ‘artists’ with drug problems, the real problem goes much deeper and tries its damnedest to avoid being found out by the public. I thank God for sites like this one and so many others who’re helping in their own way to shine a light in the darkness. The truth shall prevail and good WILL triumph over evil.

    • Thank you Shay for your comment and kind words! Warms my heart to know the blog is a benefit! 🙂

      You know… when I finally discovered that the Illuminati have were exposed back in the 1700’s– I yawn at those who aren’t aware! 🙂 They’ll “catch up” after they are locked up! 🙂 And the reality of us being locked isn’t that far off when we discovered black cites like Homan Square in Chicago where they can literally make you disappear! They’ve been preparing the police for the past 20+ years and they ENJOY torturing their fellow citizens.

      And that “entertainment industry”… maaannn– I really wish I could get the masses to understand exactly what is happening when they watch that stuff. There have been recordings of demons talking through people and even they claim that is the tool of the devil. My grandmother called it the idiot box– I like to add “soul sucking” in front of that! 🙂

      But you’re right– in the end truth and good will prevail! 🙂 I just received another recording from a reader here and did you know there’s a song in hell that talks about how many chances we had but they were so glad we had no faith in God “so welcome Citizen’s of Hell”? Some of the lyrics? “Bugs crawl in your mouth and out your eyes” and yet another verse says; “they crawl in the front and out the back”! Ain’t enough money in the world for me to gamble with my soul ESPECIALLY for something as trivial as FAME!

      I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to catch up to the comments cuz it’s some really informed folks out there! Just been a bit busy for the past YEAR! lol!! Thanks again for your comments and I hope you’ll continue to stop on by!

      Jazz 🙂

    • Are you referring to PETA? If so, while I DO agree that animal abuse is horrible (have had 7 dogs and one cat throughout the course of my life), there is nothing worse than stealing/abusing a persons mind. MK Ultra (mind control) is VERY real.


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