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What Happened To The (M.F.) Swine Flu?!!!

Have you noticed that the big, bad, scary Swine Flu has hardly had a mention lately?  Seems like just over a year ago you couldn’t get away from the news coverage.  Wonder if they decided to retire that virus (I mean vaccine) back to their labs.  They were lying, ya’ll!

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One thought on “What Happened To The (M.F.) Swine Flu?!!!

  1. Every couple of years its another epidemic. Some government officials buy stocks in the vaccine, while others make tons of money from the pharmaceutical industries who make them, and then these poor unsuspecting individuals shoot themselves up with the vaccine. If you read Medical Mafia by Guylaine Lanctot, and other more recent books by an ex Medical Doctor from Quebec who spent time recent years in prison for her beliefs (some of it really progressive minded but probably too freedom/anarchist for most) you will see that she indicates how she believes that in those vaccines are tiny microchips or something (I don’t recall) and urgently telling people not to take the new vaccines esp. for the regular flu. Besides the obvious dangerous chemicals in some manufactured vaccines, those are not widely known and many just flock to get their seasonal flu vaccine.

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