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Coxsackie-Athens Valedictorian Speech 2010. Meet Erica Goldson!!!

This is probably the most important Valedictorian speech you’ll hear!  It is extremely refreshing to see that someone sees through this amazing fog!  She writes on her blog:

“A travel log of a former over achiever who decided she’d rather be an explorer, forming her own path than submit to the unfulfilling, mainstream version of success.” 

You ROCK, Erica Goldson!!!   Fuckin’ AAAA, buddy!! 🙂 Thanks, “T”– wish we’d known about this wise young lady prior to now!  Please share and pass this gem along, fellow people because Erica is the true definition of thinking outside of the box!  It really is the best commencement speech you’ll hear!

4 thoughts on “Coxsackie-Athens Valedictorian Speech 2010. Meet Erica Goldson!!!

  1. Education is valuable but to me it not about the education but about the step and strategy that one makes in life. My bf just finished her masters and it is still not enough education to get the foot in the door. She still have to be certified and find away to gain actual work experience to become a professional in her field while she still have school loans that she has to be accountable for now. School is a good plan but you must have a plan that is better then the idea of getting an education. I feel that education is more of a systematic thing then verses what you actually gain in real life as valuable life experiences and to me knowledge and wisdom are two totally different concepts in life. One takes you further over the radar and while the other takes further under the radar but one is more valuable then the other.

    • And this little lady understands that very well! I forgot to mention… that’s her HIGH SCHOOL commencement!!! (She was 18 when she made that speech, ya’ll!) Gotta’ love that girl!!!

    • Hi Anne! Sorry for the delay… major internet problems. I watched Zoe’s speech and she’s quite impressive! Thank you for the link and sharing! It’s always wonderful to find that there are still a great deal of critical thinkers in our society of pop culture lead actions and thoughts. We need more like her and Erica! Thanks again for sharing the link for others to see!

      Have a great day!

      Jazz 🙂

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