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Something About This Image Ain’t Cool! A “smoking gun”, perhaps?

This photo was snapped just after Johnson was sworn in.  You guys would be nuts if you thought that wasn’t an assassination carried out by people within our government.  It’s just too bad there wasn’t another photog there to catch Johnson’s face at the same time!  The evil that men do…Here’s a documentary that points to LBJ’s guilt in the assassination of Kennedy.  I already knew of his disdain for the Kennedy’s.  If you guys watch this and still believe that our government grew anymore honest or noble after they killed this man… then we are a society of complete… hell… I don’t know what we are if we believe “the lone gunman theory“.  I’ll never profess that JKF was a saint, after all, he was fucking Marilyn [Monroe], him AND his brother Robert, and the Kennedy “legacy” is really that of bootlegging, BUT dude really was trying to get this country back on track so he stood up to them.  He made, what appears to be, the final attempt to confront that “monolithic group who hide in secrecy” and he was made an example for it.  We’ve never had a president again to attempt to do what he did.   I highly recommend that you check this out (watch it with your family including the kids too).  Here’s the crazy thing about this “conspiracy”… people have admitted to their involvement over the years so why can’t someone’s ass fry before everyone involved dies off?!  We’ve given waaaay too much power to these thugs!

UPDATE AND OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED: Oswald WAS CIA!!  Investigators have been saying it for years!

Thanks “SunnyC”– good looking out! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Something About This Image Ain’t Cool! A “smoking gun”, perhaps?

  1. Marilyn Monroe was the first from what I understand and read, Presidential Model (sex slave). Oddly enough bc of your previous article which there are about 100 or more comments on whether Vigilant Citizen is a real site or just hiding behind an illuminati member, one article on VC is showing that info. and uses various books and quotes to back up their theories.

  2. PS: second video does not exist. I wish these authors would put up their videos on their own website and ask people to repost so they are not taken off youtube for whatever reason!!!

  3. Oswald may be CIA according to that document, however he was the fall guy for a very MK ultra style killing. There were multiple gun shots heard by different people, the two guards were motioned to leave the backside of JFK’s car (they had special metal stands to position themselves in at each back corner of the car), the entire area, day etc. were are angles and degrees …set up in a perfect harmony for an evil deed much like Whitney Houston’s kiling.

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