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Alex Jones is a FRAUD!!! It’s time the truth be told… please spread this video!

I know that a lot of followers of Alex Jones are going to be very disappointed to find out that he is in fact working with the bad guys.  One of the toughest things about diving down the rabbit hole is you never know who’s genuine or who’s a fake that’s why research is paramount.  Alex Jones has had a voice for years and apparently he’s fooled a lot of people but this is all the evidence you’ll need to prove without a doubt who’s team Alex is really playing on.While the truth movement is very real, it is being infiltrated at every turn… even by those “trusted” figures.  Stay alert… they are counting on us not to.

13 thoughts on “Alex Jones is a FRAUD!!! It’s time the truth be told… please spread this video!

  1. *runs in front door*
    Keep your friends close and your enemies… in a freezer in your garage. Dang, this dude went from rocks to reeks in a matter of syllables. Yikes and a well deserved aieeeee….
    *runs out back door*

    • Hahaha! Now that’s funny! LOL! “Keep your friends close and your enemies… in a freezer in your garage”… I’m totally using that one! hahaha!!!!

      Yeah… he went bonkers pretty quick there. Friends had been encouraging me to get into the guy but I can’t stand all the yelling he does so I didn’t jump on the band wagon. Seems like it was good thing I didn’t.

  2. “One of the toughest things about diving down the rabbit hole is you never know who’s genuine or who’s a fake that’s why research is paramount.” I totally agree with you here and I still haven’t made up my mind about Alex Jones. Or Ron Paul. Could be that he’s deep deep in. The lever pushers of the world could have had the foresight to anticipate a strong and rising liberty movement a ways down the road and Dr. Paul has been in place waiting, just in case. I don’t believe that’s the reality of it, but I can’t for sure say its not. Only with hindsight (or a sudden induction into the world’s elite [and they’d still feed me lies then too]) will I be more confident in the truth. I’m very glad you posted this video, though I do have some concerns with it.

    It is highly edited (not a criticism) to provide the narrative and juxtaposition of Alex’s descriptions with his actions. Effective. His actions indeed raised my eyebrows. At 4:15 this video was edited to have Alex say “Incite Violence” I don’t have the original source footage handy, so I don’t know exactly what he says, but if you watch the background images (most easily observed on the right side screen over his left shoulder, as it is in constant motion) it’s clear that “violence” does not immediately follow “incite”. This makes me suspect of the video. So then I must question the prior events and motives. I don’t know if there’s a history between this group and Alex and we only see of them what we are shown. This brings into question the nature of the conflict, as well as the full context. Perhaps there is footage withheld that would clearly absolve Alex (and perhaps not). This video feels like it has an agenda, and could easily have been manipulated with a bias. There were other edits of dialogue but I don’t feel the whole video needs dissecting.

    I’m sorry, but I’m still not firmly swayed one way or another as to what side he’s on. Thank you for continuing the discussion though. Its one of the most important tools we have.

  3. I like your critical thinking and you are wise to weigh all possibilities. And I agree with you… discussion is key to finding answers (real answers) and hopefully we can try to dodge those who give misleading information. I’m also THRILLED to have this debate so that this query can be addressed in a finite way.

    I’m a previous non-linear editor and I absolutely get what you’re saying about this clip leaning one way instead of being presented in a unbiased way… but… the key thing that I focused on was him coming down the sidewalk, blasting on the bullhorn, and it certainly wasn’t a good look to yell at the woman; “2nd and 3rd Amendment– get out of my face”. When they invited him up to join them– he refused. If they are all there to protest together why did he incite a disruption (distraction)? That’s straight up COINTELPRO tactics.

    And when I heard this shit here: I thought to myself… WHA THA HELL? Probably the most disingenuous thing I’ve heard in decades! What I really don’t dig about this cat is that he doesn’t offer solutions. After a while, it gets old to hear the same thing over and over– eventually, results are what we’re after (at least I am). Brother ain’t offering up shit except to ask you to buy shit from his sponsors. Another thing I find interesting is whenever a caller wants to talk about Zionism… dude is totally NOT having that conversation. This brother breaks that down pretty well:

    As for Ron Paul… he’s another one of “them”… unfortunately. While I do think he “talks a good talk”, he’s simply one of them. It’s a huge production and no one will be able to fix this the way the current system is set up. It’s just not going to happen and that’s why I keep urging everyone to take a look at Kick Them All Out. The concept is simple and it’s the sort of thing that’s been staring us right in the face all along. Hell… the title of the website alone should garner the attention of everyone. We’re not getting rid of just one… we’re KICKING THEM ALLLLLLL OUT! I keep asking people; “name one thing that one presidents done (just looking back at the last 8, even) that has improved the quality of your life?” And when administrations switch, seems what one president did, gets reversed by the next. Shits gotten real old to me and we’ve been voting for the lesser of two evils for waaaay toooo long.

    Here’s their link:

    And I remind everyone… the only difference between a Republican and a Democrat is the spelling. Plus, we’re not friggin voting anyway!

    P.S. And yes, yoy is just fine, Tek! 😉 I’m glad you are participating for this forum and very flattered since it’s not something you normally do!

    • That’s the main ingredient for COINTELPRO– it causes disruptions/distractions and nothing gets accomplished! It’s still very effective (unfortunately).

      • Exactly. Nothing gets done. All distraction. His whole site is about parodies and stupidity now. He has a great opportunity to educate….There arent’ any relevant articles to click on now…just stupid BS and obvious propaganda.

  4. Alex Jones job is to get people so disorientated that they cannot discern what their true interests are. While I have no faith in the capitalist state their are kernals of democracy and freedom as such that need to be exploited and expanded….to get them up to their necessary weight not just a footnote. And government can do good things like health care and social security that is why it is attacked so much it kills the money managers to see something like that work as it puts them out of business. Who is going to control the oil companies and the military and the bankers if the government doesn’t? Alex Jones and the KOCH Bros.? I mean a gov of for and by the people that is the ticket-expand democracy get rid of capitalism and the social order that supports it.

  5. Wha tis the political upshot? Ask yourself that regarding anything you hear and that will tell you whose interests they represent whether they know it themselves or not.

  6. As for Ron Paul…He has been cloned and has been filmed with “reptilian” eyes — meaning he has participated in cloning, elite facilities. His son, Rand, is a neocon.

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