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Jay-Z Is A Mason? Nah… no way, right?

(Click to enlarge)

See if you can spot “the Camel”!  Apparently this was during the Xmas holidays (notice the xmas tree in the background).  Those sure look like Masons to me!  Dude doesn’t look too happy about be snapped eitherAs I’ve mentioned, some are completely aware of what they are doing while others are under total mind control.  Jay-Z knows what he’s doing but Beyonce is his “Mind Controlled Sex Kitten“.  Thanks “T” for the image! 😉

Exactly what do Masons do?  They “say” they help the community but I’ve never seen their presence so what do they do?

9 thoughts on “Jay-Z Is A Mason? Nah… no way, right?

  1. Hey lady…lol… No one care about the picture being taken of them except for him. Just the fact that he would lie about it is questionable. And when did attenting the mason lodge become the same as having a church service?

    • Hi there lady!

      No one cared about the pic except him LOL!!! I know, right?! “And when did attenting the mason lodge become the same as having a church service?”… the story behind the pic is supposedly he’s attending a masonic funeral… but I don’t know because I don’t get down with Frats/Sors…

      And he’s lying about his affiliation because THERE IS AN AGENDA! (hahaha) And do note that not all Masons are “in on it”. I’m at a complete loss as to why so many are refusing to see what is in plain sight. I never really anticipated finding how all of these things are tied together but they really are. I’ve had some of these entries on hold when the computer issue happened but I think it is critical to put out all of these things that I’m discovering. The picture begins to get clearer when people see how they all fit. This stuff, is not a joke– there IS a spiritual warfare taking place. What’s really tragic is that so many have actually fallen for the greatest trick the devil ever pulled…

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  3. To be honest. I dont think its Jay-z. Put this picture next to any other picture of him and you’ll see it for yourself

    • @ Truthseeker… I dig what you’re saying because I’ve had pictures taken of me and even though it’s me… sometimes… images can look slightly off BUT…

      let’s just examine the rest of the picture… doesn’t it seem odd that he’s the only one interested in not being photographed? There’s another brother who’s dozing off. Everyone is chillin except THAT guy. Hmmm… I don’t want to accuse an innocent man, but Sean Carter is down with the program. Here’s another thing I find interesting… this celeb promotes misogyny, violence and all things negative yet people defend him? I remind folks of this fukas true character…

      @ bullet

      Well… thanks but dude… I’m sure you’ll do just fine… you’re selling sex toys! Sex, last I checked, sells! 😉

  4. Dont get me wrong, I definitly think jayz is part of the program or at least a tool. But I dont think its him on the picture.
    but keep up the good work!

  5. “Dont get me wrong, I definitly think jayz is part of the program or at least a tool”… I’m trying to introduce the concept that some ARE tools (Beyonce, Lindsey, Britney, etc.) but MOST of the heavy hitters (male acts whether music, sports or acting– think Roman Polanski too) are all in on it.

    If this really is just a guy that looks like Sean then why hasn’t that been uncovered? I’m of the mind that this photo was indeed leaked by an insider. Whomever snapped this shot was in plain view of everyone but only ONE guy looks uncomfortable?….

    And thanks for the encouragement and thanks again for stopping by!

    Jazz 😉

  6. my girlfriend disagrees with me, she says its definitly sean carter. valuable information if you ask me! 😉

    but she has made me second guess my initial opinion. I’ll spread the link around to inform more people en hear more opinions.

    • Well, your girlfriend sounds like one smart cookie! (smiles)

      And yes, spread the word because I actually do see what you mean but I personally am convinced it’s him. I’d love to hear the opinions of others on this. It’s time for us to break this sick code. You guys should listen to a radio interview on youtube with a lady named EcsotericKitten2 (check spelling)… it’ll blow your mind!

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