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Are Serial Killers Really Nuts or Are They Being Hand Picked And Programmed?

Jeffrey Dahmer was a sicko just like Wayne Williams and even the bell tower killer, right?  Seems that way on the surface but did you know that a few notorious “serial killers” were trained or recruited by the military with connections to service as “medics” and intelligence?  And I’ve already identified that Satanism is practiced in the military HERE.  Wayne Williams has an interview at the end of this clip where he “speaks” about being recruited and trained over a weekend on how to kill.  And pay real close attention to the footage of the bell tower shootings (Charles Whitman)… it’s suppose to be a “lone gunmen”, right?  So why does it look like three people are firing almost back to back?What would be the purpose of government/military recruiting killers?  To keep people in fear of course but this is and has always been a way to get at our guns!  “These lunatic americans can’t handle guns so we have to take them away for their own good and start searching you in the shopping malls”… you can believe someone in your government is thinking along those lines.  Question.  This latest “serial killer” in Norway…  how did law enforcement already know the guys’ name before they arrested him?  It really would be jacked up to discover that our government(s) is actually sponsoring serial killers but it looks like they’ve been at this for quite a while.  Like I keep saying– we ARE allowing ourselves to be governed by a bunch of psycho/sociopaths!  And masses of us are acting like we have “battered wife syndrome” because we sure seem to love the abuse!  I remind everyone, there is an answer.  Kick Them All Out is absolutely the best solution I’ve found to really give the power back to the people AND THIS CAN BE DONE BY THE NEXT ELECTION not a decade from now!  Or, have we accepted this dysfunctional relationship we seem to have with these sick fucks?  Here’s Part 1 of this documentary which is extremely compelling.  Never underestimate the level of the deception.I hope you’ll take the time to watch all  parts as it reveals new information regarding Columbine among other high profile cases.  You’re going to be re-thinking what you thought you knew.  I mentioned in a comment; “people are actually good– we’re being trained to be bad”.  Looks like they’ve been teaching us to kill too!

For some reason, I feel the need to include this clip of what Michael Jackson said before he died.  He mentions something cryptic but important about history.  I would have preferred to use a clip that has not been incorporated into a series or documentary but they don’t seem to exist any longer.  But you guys should know by now that I’m not going to “throw up” clips for the hell of it and I would really like for you to make the time to watch the entire clip one day.  You can cue to 4:41 for what Michael says.  There are three soundbites you should hear from him but the comment about history begins there.  Thank you, FarhanK501 for taking the time to make your well put together series.  The research is extensive and they offer a wealth of knowledge and insight.I cannot tell you how far the rabbit hole goes but the son of bitch is long and deep and I’m positive Michael had some insight!  And here’s another question for ya’… is “art imitating life” or have our lives been scripted?Should make us all wonder about this guy (the Fort Hood killer, Nidal Malik Hasan):

or this guy:

and even this kid…

Something to note… the Norway killer was also in the Military and he’s a Mason…

16 thoughts on “Are Serial Killers Really Nuts or Are They Being Hand Picked And Programmed?

  1. Thanks U I really enjoyed the MJ clip see many stars would never speak against the grain because they hearts are already cold only thinking of themselves with is the point of being a celebritism. At the end of the day no on is ever happy when they only feed the flesh because the soul is your free will, your thinker, chooser and your free will. I was watching this series on T-tube called Knowing Your Enemy and you should watch it. It is just like the arrives but very indept it tells you about all religions and how many of them have been made from a very cynical nature. When watching it I get a deeper meaning of why Jesus came here and the message that he left us that we are still not heeding his warnings. True dominion is giving and not taken but when you something so valuable looses it meaning the you find yourself taking it and not giving it. We all have the same rights to this earth and we are the reasons why everyone else is loosing there rights all the same. If you give up security for freedom you deserve neither because we have always had both we just never valued them.

  2. Yeah… it should give people a bit more insight into MJ. Dude stood up to them and apparently pulled a fast one over on them! R.I.P. Mikey!

    I just searched for the video and have it bookmarked to check out! Thanks for the recommend because I thoroughly enjoyed “Arrivals”! 🙂 And I feel you on the deeper meaning Jesus! I’m definitely checking this one out! You know what I find ironic? In a nation where people love to claim they are ‘christians’, we sure do an awful lot of un-christian like things! Example: we let our kids listen to songs like “I kissed a girl and I liked it” and when the kid attends church on Sunday they pray to God to be able to see Katy Perry in concert! hahaha

    We are also underestimating the power of our minds and how it affects everything that is happening nor do we understand “intentions”. The sad thing is, the Bible really has been hijacked so I can see how it can create atheists and non-believers– this is centuries old, good ole fashioned, “good vs. evil” battle, ya’ll. I’ve never believed that so strongly in my entire life too!

    When people begin to check out some of these most recent entry efforts I’m making… they ARE going to begin to see a huge picture appearing before their eyes. I can take care of most things myself but I’d wouldn’t have anyone have my back other than The Most High for this battle!!!

  3. Well when we live in a very sinful world and when we do not choose God then the only thing that is left is being the children of the devil the choice is ours. I mean living is this world is very overwhelming and we don’t just choose God we fight for his wisdom in our lives, you are either in darkness or light we fool ourselves when think that there is a in between. Each day for me is a very spiritual fight but I know enough not to want to just accept the darkness. What do you gain by following the world only to loose your soul way more literal then most people give it credit. All I see most people gaining is more zombism and less human presence.

  4. “Well when we live in a very sinful world and when we do not choose God then the only thing that is left is being the children of the devil the choice is ours.” You’re right about the fact that if we don’t chose light, darkness does have dominion over us. But I’d like to offer that us living in a sinful world is by DESIGN not of our choosing. These evil sick believers of Satan really have been orchestrating every single aspect of our lives to keep us functioning on a very base level so that sin COULD “come alive” (so to speak).

    No wonder a report says that we’re only using 5% (no more than) of our brains– it’s been manipulated on a massive scale for centuries to get to this point– literally. The Pineal Glad is a subject that everyone needs to start researching ASAP. That is how they’ve gotten us without our knowledge. There’s a reason for the vaccines, fluoridation of city water supply, aspartame, GMO foods. It’s all been working in Tandem to dull the ‘flame’ of this tiny but extremely important gland! And the kicker? They’ve been distracting us mostly through muthafvkin’ ENTERTAINMENT! The PERFECT tool for the Master of Deception!!!! Our world is being run by a bunch of believers in Satan, ya’ll!

    The guy I THINK that is credited for cracking this monster mystery is not only the inspiration for this clip (Dahmer, etc) but he’s written a series of books that brings music, politics, military, hell, ALL IF IT together in an UNPRECEDENTED way!!! He’s a researcher named; DAVE McGOWAN. Check out his interview on you-nazi, I mean, youtube before they remove it!

    • Hey lady go too U tube and enter Hollywood mind control slaves and you should see a women looking like Eatha Kitt stand uo looking backwards. Look at that clip and tell me what you think about it, it should be like 45 min long.

      • Hey there! Will do!!!

        I know that this goes way back in hollyweird! Zsa Zsa Gabor, Mariyln Monroe, Jane Mansfield, Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton (among so many more) were all under mind control! Hollyweird has been sick from the start, ya’ll.

      • Hey lady! I checked it out and it’s a GOOD (solid) compilation of the information that’s available on this complex subject but it’s not for someone with virgin ears. They wouldn’t get it (but I do because of the amount of research).

        I would actually suggest that folks check out EscotericKitten2 ( It’s an excellent primer for this subject. She’s another one I’ve located that aided my research on this subject. Her original channel on youtube was ALSO removed. Truth is very scary to the evildoers, ya’ll. While her new channel is back up (at least for now) the order of her series is a bit scrambled (at a point of your viewing) but there are at least 25 parts to it. It’s called “The Hollywood MK Deception”… I believe the clip you recommended has parts of her work in it.

        It’s time to get serious folks, because they are.

  5. Hey so what did you think about the knowing your enemy the series that is kind of like the Arrivals? I still have a lot of it to watch but I am at least half way finish give me your thoughts.

    • Hi there lady… I’m just getting started with it (just got to 3rd part) and I’m LIKING IT so far. We’re planning to check the whole thing out over the weekend!

  6. I am trying to find knowing your enemy. Could someone post a link please. 🙂 Thnx I want to know more about this stuff & also how to research it for myself so I have good resources to give others because my family does not believe me.

    • Hi there! Sure thing… and they are also on Facebook under: TheFuelProject (I don’t utilize facebook though).

      And you know… when people don’t believe me, I’ve actually learned to laugh at that! The signs are all around us that something unnatural is steering us down “a path”. That “earthquake” that rocked damn near an entire coastline and people bought into the “oh… it hit solid rock” or whatever that crap was that they’re claiming? (lol) Well, the first earthquakes “in early america” also hit “solid rock” but did an entire coastline feel it? AND it was 5.8?! From one of the Caronlinas to Maine?!! Really? There were also 13 in Colorado too…. yeah… that shit was natural! ::Coughs:: “HAARP” is written all over this!!!!

      If you want to shock your family… tell them to try this one on for size: And if they are interested in that… I’ll point them to the list where they can find the nearest one to them! I found mine!!!

      Keep your head up and just know that it’s already been written that a lot of people are going to be deceived. I’m not talking about end of times… I’m talking about the period that’s going to be ushered in way BEFORE that!

      As for researching… I just following where the documents lead. If I find a name that’s interesting, I’ll look it up and one thing has continued to lead to another… trust your instincts and research everything you read because they are infiltrating and disinformation is abound! I actually think that’s the most frustrating thing about this rabbit hole BUT… they are diabolical geniuses!

      Happy Awakening!
      Jazz 🙂

    • Hi Dwayne!

      “It’s time to make a stand people”… it’s tough to get people to “make a stand” when they are in complete denial about what is happening around them. Obama talked transparency but 5 government whistleblowers have actually been prosecuted/targeted– one faced 35 years for ESPIONAGE (WTF), getting the soldiers home in 16 months (and you can take that to the bank, he said) instead we sent another 60K into Afghanistan, and the renewing of the Patriot Act. But hey— he’s better looking than our last POTUS!

      People will figure it out when it’s too late, unfortunately. This recent “earthquake” courtesy of HAARP… is about to give folks a wake up call they won’t forget.

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