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Subliminal Ads: A New Installment (I’ve got something for the kiddies too)!

See if you can find the word “SEX” in this poster because it’s there:Before I point it out, I want to share a little thing that I do to unwind that I think “might” have sharpened my “skills” for lack of a better word on truly being able to see things that are in plain sight.  I like to go to this website called Escape Games 24 for their free online games.  They have all kinds but I like the “escape the room”, “spot the difference” and “hidden object” type of games.  When I just want to chill before bedtime but sort of use my mind at the same time but not so much that I can’t sleep, I have find that it works for me.  I’m finding that since I’ve been playing some of these games, in particular “difference/hidden”, I’m noticing that I actually can see quite a bit of this stuff without really trying.  So… let me share with you where it is.  It really should pop out but look at the man and start with the loop in the hair that’s wrapped around him.  It’s an ‘S’.  A little over from there and slightly down you can see an ‘E’ and finally right at his thighs is the “X’. 

Now to me, this is blatant subliminal messaging (they know they’ve dumbed us down, folks) and the average eye would completely miss this, but the important thing to ask yourself is why the fuck would that be in a kids/family film?  Easy… they are not trying to introduce sex to our kids– THEY ARE!!!!  No more denial, folks.  I’ve got a couple more eye openers for you but I want to see if you can spot them yourselves.  And here’s some things to keep in mind because it’s not always a word, it can be a outline of a naked body, an animal imbedded within the image.  And one of the examples has a direct hint within that image for this little exercise.  Don’t advance ahead– really see if you can spot these things because the goal is not for you to look for them when you make your purchases or try to carefully select… the goal is for you to comprehend that none of it is void of this subconscious programming.  NONE OF IT!  You’re not meant to see it with your conscious it is meant to be received on a level that’s below the surface.  And just in case you think this is hogwash– why the hell would they make the effort to put it in there if it doesn’t affect the mind?

First, for the kiddies… and the word “SEX” or a reference to it is in every single screenshot.  Oh… and I don’t expect anyone to catch what’s going on in the opening credits shot but you need to see it because it’s going to shock and hopefully piss you off!  Oh and don’t bother wasting your time writing to the companies to complain.  How do you know it’s been removed when you never knew it was there in the first place?  So are you ready?  GO!

Image 1

Image 2:

Image 3:

Image 4:

Image 5:

Image 6:

Image 7:

Image 8: (Newly added.  Thanks, “T”)! 😉

The following images should give you an idea how they can slip things into ads with almost no detection to the conscious mind.

Image 9:

Image 10:

Image 11:

Image 12:

Image 13:I know… that last image wasn’t fair– I am encouraging critical thinking!  But… are you starting to get it yet?  If this is a coincidence, there sure are an awful lot of them!  I realize it’s like any other thing that people have become addicted to, but this (entertainment in all of its forms) is poison for the mind and body.  I tend to think it also is corrupting the human soul… but that’s just me.  Oh… and the answers are linked with each image all except “Image 1” because really… come on!  There’s a lot of information on the subject and this is a great site to visit: Subliminal Manipulation.  Apparently, the site has touched a sore spot because they left this message for their viewers:

“On June 10, 2011 my Google account was hacked, this blog was deleted and my YouTube channel suspended. I managed to get them back, but apparently someone is not happy with the information I’m sharing here, so if you can make an offline copy of the site’s content you’re surely advised to do so.” NOTE: If someone knows how to make an offline copy of this site, please let me know. 

Here’s a blast from the past.  The word ‘SEX’ has always been in this poster.  Funny how I couldn’t see it back then but it’s totally jumping off the screen right now!Click HERE to see.  Sometimes… it really is in plain sight, isn’t it?  Although in this next example, I tend to think the “D” represents a backwards 6 better than the dot for the “I” but what do you see?  I’ve already showed you that Disney is up to no damn good…Here’s a companion clip you might like:


Subliminal Ads

A Commercial Comes Out With The Truth

Article on hidden messages in TV from 1958

12 thoughts on “Subliminal Ads: A New Installment (I’ve got something for the kiddies too)!

    • I read that book too. See the article on Snopes that debunks the whole “Coke” subliminal in movie theaters. It has never been proven that any subliminal message has any effect at all. I think, in spite of that, people get a kick out of hiding “sex” whenever they can for a big inside joke.

  1. Hi there, Bob! SIDEBAR: I actually did get your email (during the move) and what a lovely family you have! Thank you so much for sharing and proving (once again) that love can actually be BLIND {to colour}! 🙂 Hearts and actions matter most!!!

    The hardrive issue is slowing a sisters’ roll tremendously but there is light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully soon). 🙂 Now on to the comment… THANK YOU! I keep tryin’ to tell folks, “this crap is sooooooo OLD!!!!” hahaha

    “Funny” observation: I got over 2,100 hits on a related-type of entry that was linked to all types of webs/blogs (including one that was slightly racist, if you can believe that!) and can you believe… NOT ONE COMMENT/INSIGHT/LINK, etc? Is it just me or am I missing something? hahaha I don’t know, man… people are really beginning to seriously make me “nervous” when they “refuse” to even look at this “horse pill” let ALONE attempt to “swallow it”!!!

    Well, can’t wait to get back to the steadiness of this “adventure” because it’s always nice to find that at LEAST one person is hip to where I’m coming from (every now and then! :).

    Peace to you and yours, my friend!

  2. I just want to know how this affects us? Does it make us excited? Make us like what we are looking at? Make us have sex and get in trouble? What is the objective?

    • Hi there! I’ve been meaning to pop in and say thank you for subscribing,reblogging and all those super groovy thangs! 🙂 Can’t wait to get some time to check out your site more as well! I like the name, by the way! 🙂

      Welcome to “tha party”,

      • The whole of entertainment is darker than we’ll ever realize. We shouldn’t be watching any of it. I could tell you a story of the subconscious affects on childrens’ minds by this programming because I actually saw its’ impact first hand! Didn’t realize it at the time but I totally get now (that I know about this subject). Like I mentioned in the article– if all this stuff has no impact then why in the world do they put it in there in the first place? 😉

    • Say it again, SAM! (smiles) People really did get the wool pulled over their eyes about that place! And to think they charge a small fortune to visit their parks! Gangsta, I tell ya’! 🙂

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