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Ritual Child Abuse and MK Ultra or Mind Control… is it real?


Well, of course it is.  What’s sort of surprising are the amount of powerful and wealthy parents who participate and offer their children up in these sick sacrifices.  This is a huge global problem and I for one do not intend to pretend that it doesn’t exist.  These young lives are forever ruined.  I could never imagine the things that they’ve endured that is to say, if they are not killed during these rituals.  Yes, they are sacrificing children to their god which is Satan/Lucifer.  Now… I do not intend to take this post to some preaching of the Word of God, my only aim is to try my best to introduce you to this disturbing reality.  Why?  Because of the mind control aspect.  Mind Control is almost completely undetectable and the fact that our government and military has been practicing in this dark activity at least since WWII (that I’ve researched so far) and that former president Clinton actually apologized for it indicates that I must assume that this practice continues to this very day.  What’s more concerning is the fact that research has proven that they are mind controlling a huge portion of women (and young girls) in the entertainment industry.  Why more women and girls than men and boys?  Easy.  Women are the perfect tool for marketing and they are sexually abusing every single one of them. Remember this post: “Is this what’s in music videos (today)?”  The clip featuring “Noemi” has her testimony of what she actually lived through.  Be prepared because it is extremely shocking.

This is  a very complex subject with several layers but I’m going to try to illustrate the seriousness of what is being allowed to happen across the globe.  As I’ve mentioned, they are programming these girls at an early age (as early as infancy) to sexually abuse them.  They are doing, what is widely known as Beta Programming or developing the Sex Kitten personality.  First, let’s look at the images of the Vogue-Paris issue that caused quite a stir:

Before we move on, notice the French word “Cadeaux”?  That literally means “gift or present”.  These sick men and women who are “in the know”, knows that this is a covert message that they can have this little girl for whatever sexual perversions they desire.  Seriously think about that and look at this little girl’s image again.  Remember this post about Candy Jones?  “How a leading American fashion model…”  at first, I wasn’t real sure her story was  not only just that– “a story”, and a reason for the author to write a book but the evidence is overwhelming that this practice is still ongoing.  I remind you of Bill Clinton’s apology: That’s right– he said “1,000’s of experiments”.  And here’s a clip of him while he does appear to be in some “hypnotic state” himself!  Do notate the lack of blinking…:While Masons, Scottish Rites, Elks, etc. are all “intermingling”, all Masons are not practicing this and so many are clueless that their club/fraternity was infiltrated centuries ago.

Here’s some more examples of this Sex Kitten programming.  Pay close attention to these 6 year old little girls eyes.   They are “dead”, vacant or not in the present and this is a sign that they have been [extremely] traumatized through means of rape (to include sodomy), electric shock (no, that’s not a typo) or drugs that are injected into them and constantly triggered by all sorts of everyday things.  Butterflies, emeralds, kittens & leopard prints, black/white/red, rabbits (etc.) to keep them in a “split personality”.  It’s incredibly diabolical but ingenious and completely unsuspecting:

Notice the leopard print?  Think Sex Kitten Programming isn’t real? 

And you can best believe that politicians, athletes, clergymen, entertainers, attorneys, doctors, the Mafia, drug lords and scholars of all kinds are all partaking in this ‘forbidden sick fruit’.  We must learn to truly read and see between the lines.  If an estimated 2 million people are under mind control there has to be some obvious signs, right?  “For those that have eyes, let him see, for those who have ears, let him hear”.  I’m not being funny when I say this but we need Divine intervention because I’m more than convinced that there is a spiritual warfare taking place.  Looking around with “new eyes” {after living abroad} I’d be a fool not to see that there’s been this subtle/quiet shift to a world that has learned (mostly unintentionally) to embrace Satanism.  We are now (largely/collectively) the epitome of “Do What Thou Wilt”. 

The fact that a well known magazine [Vogue] would publish such images or parents are encouraging their daughters to get into an industry that will (more than likely) chew them up and spit them out should tell us that something is terribly wrong.  Another reason I felt it important to bring this dialogue to the readers on this blog is because of the other aspect of this, which is daycare centers and schools (facility members) across the country were convictions (not allegations) have been documented that show that Ritual (Satanic) Child Abuse is (has been) wide spread.  Here’s a link to some compiled cases (a sort of “library”) which has not been updated since 1997.  Just imagine the research you’ll find in the more than 13 years that have past Ritual Abuse Convictions.

I want to add this bit of incentive for you to dig, keep a vigilant eye and start saving or rescuing these victims (and you can do this as well by not buying or participating in anything they are exploited in).  In doing the research for this post I ran across a convincing testimony of a woman who claims to have been born into a Luciferian family and recently “broke” her mind control (her term, not mine).  She has been posting her videos on Youtube and her channel was recently removed.  She’s back with a new channel and here’s a clip where she sheds light on the triggers and gives us a glimpse at those celebrities we think are so cool and confident.   Most of the more popular celebs are certainly being controlled.   Let’s take a look at what she’s sharing on her new channel [MonarchButterfly71— be sure to read “About Me” when you check it out] as she tries to tell the world with her passionate plea to “open our eyes”.  [EDITORS NOTE 8/19/11:  It’s unfortunate, but either she has removed her new channel or it’s been removed once again.  I’ll keep on the look out for an updated link.]  I suppose some may find the clip a bit abstract but you can decide.  Is she sharing the ‘real deal’?  I think it’s important to note that her past uploads have all been deleted.  I watched and researched about 70% of them before You-Nazi (I mean youtube) removed them.  (Watch) Listen with an open and discerning mind.  Some “old school” acts (music, etc.) who were/are involved is probably going to be met with much resistance.  I personally don’t have time to debate the “if” factor, the proof is in the research.  Peep part 2 of her clip that is extremely revealing– that is to say; “For those that have eyes…”This next clip is part 2 from a blog called MK Culture.  Listen carefully to Pierre and Marie as they describe what they endured and you tell me; “is this real”? This next clip let’s you know how deeply intertwinning and far back this goes.  Meet Michael Aquino:

Yes, that’s Sammy Davis, Jr. between Aquino and Anton LaVey (who was a well known Satanist).  Here’s a clip from 1971 featuring Sammy in a show called; “Poor Devil”.  You’d be kidding yourself if you think hollyweird doesn’t get down with some Satanism!  Remember… they love flaunting truth in our face through film/tv.  Be sure to note that “cute little hand gesture” he does that people think was recently invented:Back to Aquino… what’s interesting is that he was a Colonel in the military who worked on Mind Control projects.  Check out this old clip from Geraldo: So let’s just think about this for a moment…

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse is a global problem and women and girls are being programmed to become the ultimate prostitute (as it were) which are used in entertainment.  Men and women of ‘power’ will have them readily at their disposal and sacrifices (the killing of children) are made.  Claims of mind control on Military installations, hospitals and universities across the u.s. have been acknowledged (Clinton) and now we discover a high ranking Colonel was a confessed Satanist while leading military personnel.  Is there any reason to debate whether there’s something happening on a (frighteningly) large scale?  I can now imagine that some of the soldiers who are returning from Iraq and doing bizarre things could very well be victims of mind control as they do program people to be assassins.  Before I forget… does anyone one remember this huge scandal that disappeared almost as quickly as it surfaced (click to enlarge)?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– our government is nothing but a sick frat house and nothing is off limits:I’m now forced to re-think my criticism of celebs like Britney Spears, Rhianna, Lindsey Lohan and even Beyonce (among many, many others) as they definitely appear to be under mind control.  I finally heard Britney’s song called “I’m A Slave 4U” for the first time– when you listen to that song again, it might take on a whole new meaning.  “For those who have ears…”.  John Broadus Watson said; “Give me a baby and I can make any kind of man”.  We have no true comprehension of how the mind works or how it’s been studied but there are people who do and have been using it to their advantage.  “For those who have eyes…”

This last clip defies what we think we know and could be an example of the programmed assassins (Delta programming) who are also instructed to kill themselves (Omega programming) should there be a need:

Some Material To Aid Your Research:

How The Illuminati Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave








29 thoughts on “Ritual Child Abuse and MK Ultra or Mind Control… is it real?

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  3. It’s just sad that anyone or parent would put themselves or there children in such an abusive situation all for the love of money that really offers you no other kind of healthy leg to stand on. The things that these young starlets go thru for the love of fame is so against the concept of humanity because all it does is make a very distort person which to me is the equivalent of having slit personality and being very disconnected from oneself.

    • Well, actually… what I’m uncovering is that these people are victims. They (the more popular ones) are all under mind control. Think back on that weird Tom Cruise “meltdown” on Oprah… that was a sign of his programming “breaking down”, not a split personality or mood swing. And Britney’s shaving of her head.. she actually states; “I’m tired of people touching me and plugging things into me”, and I can now see that she was sharing something horrifically real! The thing is, some really are unaware of what they are promoting (Jay Z, for example, is) because they really have been tortured, just like the testimony of Pierre, Marie and “Noemi” all state in the clips. Research Arizona Wilder, Fritz Springmeirer, Chip Tatum. They were some of the first to bring this to public attention. Fritz was THE first from what I understand and he was just released from prison (for telling the truth of course) Dec. 2010.

      What they ARE doing is turning the population to a hunger or turning people into someone who will do anything for fame and money. If part of the goal is to corrupt the human soul– they are indeed accomplishing that and that’s why all the bombardment of sex is being subliminally placed in every form of entertainment. Consequences and caring seems to be fading from our society. I actually read a study that revealed people really are good. We’re being trained to be bad. I’ve got another post coming up that will demonstrate that “theory”. We’re living in a more wicked world than we can actually imagine. I was sent a clip on that Gag Gag girl and at first, I thought she was like Jay Z, but this clip shows something quit suspicious (and even disturbing) during her interview. It seems she had a really strange and impulsive physical reaction when the host used a certain word. And after she does this, she has this look on her face like; “why tha hell did I just do that”?. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtev708VdDE&feature=channel_video_title

  4. I was suggested this web site by means of my cousin. I’m now not certain whether this publish is written through him as no one else recognise such special approximately my trouble. You’re wonderful! Thank you!

    • Hi there, “Mafia2T”!

      If I understand you correctly, are you saying that you are a survivor?! I sure hope I misunderstood you here because I simply couldn’t imagine how anyone could endure this. My prayers are with you and all survivors of this. And thank you for the kind words. 😉


  5. Not all of us are under control. We’re surveilled if we break our minds free, terrorized by groups of people who are interested in hurting us. There are many many people involved with this kind of abuse, and, once you’re in in childhood, you’re in for life. The new The Mars Volta album, Noctourniquet, talks about some of it in depth, particularly in his use of the myth of Hyacinth and Apollo.

  6. How do you really know if you are? My dad was sexually abused by his dad. I sometimes think he could have done it to me because I’m so uncomfortable being alone with him.. There’s all these unexplained things and memory loss in my life and trauma after trauma and heroin addiction. I feel crazy sometimes and feel so alone. I’m only 24 and I recognize all these things u have talked about. Wtf do I do?? I have. 6 yr old boy who is just the sweetest angel ever. I need to be healthy for him.

    • Hi Rachael! I’m very happy to see you’re surviving! May God continue to keep you safe!

      It’s so sad to hear your testimony and my prayers are going to remain with you and your family. I’m not a licensed anything on this subject just an inquisitive mind but I can suggest one website that might be able to lend a wealth of knowledge… http://endritualabuse.org/. Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D. is a passionate psychologists who’s deeply committed to exposing this real life experience that happens to more people than we’ll ever know. Be encouraged! 🙂

      And please know this… no matter what abuse you might have suffered there’s something stronger in you that remains because you have the STRENGTH to recognize you need to be healed for your little boy! You ARE going to succeed! You are absolutely not alone! I will recommend without reservation to stop watching television AND listening to music, though! If you’ve been subjected to that global network of mind control at all, there are sure to be triggers laced within those two mediums. No doubt. And ‘triggers’ are simply key words or phrases that entices an alter to surface (which is when “the MAIN you” might lose memory). Focus on your little angel too! They are wiser than we think and a TRUE BLESSINGS! 😉

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  8. These parents due to their abuse have a psychological illness. Think about it what moral, value they were taught from their deranged parents. They are incapable of love because they were not given love. If you ever were in a room of three year old and you watched their faces when one of the falls down and is crying, the other children will just stare with no expression. I realized that children learn empathy , it is not an emotion that is in any of us naturally , I learned this when my son was three. I had always thought we felt that emotion that we were born with it. So if these parents could be so cruel to put their children through torture than they are either be mind controlled into it or as with the super elite , they just don’t think or act like the rest of society. Maybe they never learned love or empathy so they are incapable of these feeling for their own children. Many ultra rich don’t even raise their children, they have servants to do that.

    • I think some of these elite satanic families do this to their children to toughen them up. I have accounts of parents when programming their kids making them choke kittens to death by elecroshocking them until they do it and telling them they are doing this because they “love” them. It is a vicious cycle This is how the illuminati is able to operate and carry out their plans secretely. Victims are made to keep quiet and there is intense fear programmed into the individual. Only about 2% of the population is aware of these mind control techniques. When you come to underatand what is going on here you can’t really judge anyone. it is one big death cult that we are all being initiated into. The satanic NWO that is prophecied about in the book of Revelation. They are trying to eradicate empathy and human equality off the face of the earth to bring in this new order and “new age” so that humanity can “evolve”. These people are utterly deceived! They want christianity thrown from the face of the earth and christians will be killed(martyred) in the coming tribulation. Until he comes back and destroys this kingdom with righteousness. He will crush them with his appearance! he is an amazing, unfathomable God! He is the only answer to this mess that the serpent satan has created and come to kill, steal, and destroy mankind. He is doing a great job. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and noone comes to the father but by him!

      • Very nicely stated, Emily K! Right on! 🙂

        “He will crush them with his appearance! he is an amazing, unfathomable God!”… so GLAD to hear someone else shout it out too! 🙂 People just don’t understand, sadly.

  9. I’m not a troll. I don’t buy into any of those people who put out videos about this! You cannot research this because its all hearsay. If the internet, youtube, and people who write books claiming this nonsense are your resources then it automatically calls into question all of your information. The problem is fear mongers have taken this stuff, and control people through fear with it. They try to make people think they are brainwashed, and any day now some switch in the sky is going to flip, and those that are programmed to kill will take over. Garbage! And you call me the troll? The internet is full of trolls who spread stuff like this to spread fear, so they live in fear, afraid to live, and suspicious of everyone.
    Your entire world becomes warped when stuff like this is put out, and bought into! Life is not meant to be lived like that. Its a trap, and I refuse to buy into it!

  10. I’ve heard these nearly exact same opinions & theories over & over again. The title of the article falsely gives the impression that it’s going to objectively tackle whether or not there’s credence to the theory. What actual compelling evidence is offered is summed up in the first sentence “Well of course it is”. The admission by POTUS Clinton is about the CIA MK Ultra experiments of which the knowledge that we’re privy to says absolutely nothing about “sex kitten programming”. So where does this evidence of specifically sex kitten programming come from? The same wackos as the other crazy SRA stuff. None of it has ever truly been proven with a single shred of tangible evidence. I used to believe this stuff too until I did actual research (meaning I went to reputable accurate sources not YouTube etc) and all there is is testimony of someone under hypnosis, coerced children (many times badgered & berated until they gave the answers their parents & therapists wanted ending in large monetary settlements) & the Kathy O’Brians that can provide no corroborating evidence because it might compromise their safety or has been blocked in their memories (all of which is always a bit too convenient for anyone truly in search of the Truth). So, truthers if you’re really in search of the Truth & not just a story that makes you feel like you live in a movie, when you hear a fantastic claim #1 check the source #2 does it actually address the validity of the claim #3 is it evidence or just someone else spouting the same words

  11. could it been possible to someone who haven’t been on any concentration camps and physically been tortured nor experimented but still carry all these symptoms and other stage process like from alpha to beta sex kitten to gamma or be like having them both or thrice twisted depends on the function being given in order? and also how can we detect our master handler? could it be possible if we don’t even know them but still feel and receive commands?

    • Hi there! I’ll just say that in order to become a victim to this (GRUESOME) act, there has to have contact somehow. Unless being a victim in the womb or a very young infant, they have to program you first before you can have code/trigger words programmed in you. They may have the technology (although I’m unaware) to remotely program people but the actual documentation indicates that people were physically programmed, not remotely.

      And detecting your handler has got to be difficult to discern. Usually, when 30 years is approaching is when the programmed mind starts breaking down and victims start to become aware but I would imagine it would be extremely hard to detect when you’re in an altered state.

      With today’s technology– if you suspect someone, set up a video to record them! Feeling a loss of time? Can’t account for few hours? Set up your video recorder prior to their visit and play it back when they leave! 🙂

      The handler is skilled and you’ll never have a clue who they are if they are in “your circle of friends”. Here’s a couple of examples of those “wizards and witches” at work. Lindsey gets “snapped in and out” so quickly and Gaga’s person used a trigger word. Watch the clips closely. https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/lindsay-lohan-lady-gaga-mind-controlled-on-camera/

    • HELLO, Marisa!!! I am saddened to hear that you are under attack!!! My prayers are with you! I’m aware of this form of attack but unfortunately, am not an expert! There are a myriad of confessions of this system, though. TheBlackChild on youtube found a CONFESSION by someone who shared that this is REAL. I can’t find it now (in this moment/reply) but it is DEFINITELY real (all the way to Brazil)!!! I will try to find some aide for this as it PAINS me to KNOW that so many lives are QUIETLY affected by this.

      A note to the “fellow people” who come by this blog… do what you can and help this lady SURVIVE this! She is REACHING OUT TO US. We SHOULD feel obligated to find a solution for not only her but for ANYONE who is suffering though this! This is VERY REAL and countless are harassed, through these methods. I pray in the blood of Jesus that this will get the PROPER exposure. Marisa– hang tough! There’s a reason you were able to voice this and found my blog! I am sure it is for a REASON! I’m including this clip for others to see because it IS happening WORLD WIDE! From a candidate running for Kentucky Mayor (back in 2012 or so), Connie Marshall… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOMaitttSj8 Here’s a “BONUS” CLIP from Mrs. Marshall… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb1Iw5DyqVk

      I’ve got a REALLY hectic schedule but am making it a point to send you a personal message (thank you for supplying your email) just as soon as I can! Give me about a week so that I can see what I find! In the meantime– I am DILIGENTLY praying you’ll be a SURVIVOR! A note– do “put it out there for the WORLD to see” that you are not suicidal or would NEVER end your life!! Put it in writing AND on the WEB! God forbid– but you’ll have it on RECORD that you would not, DID NOT end your life!!! Again… hang tough, Marisa– I TRULY FEEL the answers to this life are unfolding. It MAY feel that we’re “all alone” but we are NOT! The Omnipotent One is watching EVERYTHING! 🙂

      With love and LIGHT, dear friend!

      The Lady and Captain of THIS ship!! 🙂

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