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Where has “Why O’ Why” been? It starts off crazy and ends with FRIGGIN’ HP!!!

Hello fellow people!  Still hope folks are hangin’ tight in this crazy world we’re living in!

It’s been longer than expected for this unplanned hiatus but it’s been a sort of jacked up ride.  The move was a nightmare (truck problems, a near accident and gas cost was off the chain!!!).  The settling in took longer than it’s ever had for a relocation that I’ve done (more to do on the house than was anticipated) and just when I finally began to see my way clear to jump back in the saddle again (blogging, etc.) the damn HARD DRIVE CRASHED!!!!  Friggin HP strikes again those stickin’ bastards!  I plan on blogging about that whole thing soon because as expected, the two year warranty just expired the moment the hard drive crashed!!!!  Because of the crash, I feel as though I owe a few people apologies and would love to name them but I’m not sure that is entirely appropriate.  But you guys know who you are (one in the U.K. in particular 🙂 ).  I hope to have the issue resolved by Monday so that I can truly commit to the continuation of exploring expansions.  Every last one of you “rock” so I hope you can forgive me!

I’ve got a temporary fix so far, so I thought I’d pop in and make sure you guys knew I wasn’t kidnapped or assassinated for some of the things that I have been exposing here.  I’m planning to cover something really twisted that I was researching before my big crash and it seems the few times I could check out some of the blogs/sites I like, none of my comments would appear and the story would shoot all the way down to page 4 or 5 just minutes later!  Weird?  Coincidence? Who knows.  I just know that the more I dig the stranger things get.  But on a lighter note, this a two part post…

This next portion is dedicated to Wilfredo (who I’m pretty sure just recently became a father by now– CONGRATS, man!) and his cat Shaka (?spelling)…

I’ve posted articles/stories or whatever they’re called in this format, about my love of children (lil’ munchkins) and my love of dogs.  I’m a proudly professed dog lover and usually when posting on that subject, I politely tell all the cat lovers– “sorry” but I ain’t really feeling cats.  Well…

Upon the move, we were asked to take in a friends’ cat.  He’s cat and dog friendly, me not so much the “cat person”, but I didn’t want the cat to be left with the Humane Society because they will eventually euthanize if they can’t find a home.  So we took the little fucka in!  I’m utterly surprised by how cool this friggin cat is!  Not only am I not minding the cat hair (that’s a huge deal for me) but this cat is probably the coolest cat in cat history!  I never thought I’d live to say, but cats really are cool!  His name is Aztlan which is Aztec in origin.  But on the cool, this funny little cat has some ‘scary cat’ DNA coursing through his veins so that didn’t really work for me.  So we decided to rename him.  Here’s another quirky thing about this experience… I’ve been adamant/firm about not naming my pet after a humans’ name but for some reason, Oscar suits him!  So meet Oscar:He’s low-key, vocal but he doesn’t meow, instead he lets out series of grunts or rumbles (only took him a few days to settle in).  He goes right to his kitty box, not a counter climber, he sleeps on a flannel pillow case (doesn’t like the bed we have for him), doesn’t eat human food (I personally think it’s cruel to feed animals cheeseburgers, fries, etc.) and he doesn’t claw the sofa.  Pliable as all get out and will basically let you handle him anyway you want!  The added bonus– not one scratch!  And this is super funny– dude doesn’t rub against you when he’s showing affection like most cats– he rubs against a chair or other inadiment objects!  And the other day we had to take a ride to a warehouse and there was yet another cat that won me over!  This cat is super affectionate and unlike Oscar, he will not only rub against you, he does it with lightening speed!  He feels like a pinball in a pinball machine because he goes back and forth between both legs so fast!  Since I’m still new to the city, I’m taking my camera with me when we venture out and I happen to have it the day we met him.  And believe it or not, this little fella actually sat there patiently while I set my camera to the right lighting.  He looked directly into my eyes and open wide to let out what I thought was going to be a loud happy meow but not a sound came out of him!  It really was hilarious!  They call him “Charlie”:I think the only time I thought cats (especially kittens) might be cool was when I saw the movie “Aristocats”!  (lol)  I’m glad to finally know that they are!  Oscar is our pretend (scary) lion and I’m glad he’s part of the family!  I hope to be able to post a few more  times before the week is out and chime in on some of the comments.  Thanks SunnyC for spot checking things for me.  Catch you guys soon and take care of each other.  Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)! — Jazz


Hewlard Packard…

2 thoughts on “Where has “Why O’ Why” been? It starts off crazy and ends with FRIGGIN’ HP!!!

  1. Hey there, Lady! 🙂 Thank you sooo much! I’m fine and I know it’s not cool to be out of pocket like that considering some things discussed here… but THAT DAMN HARD DRIVE! HP is so lucky right now. I scheduled a talk show this Fri nite and they are just lucky… for now! Working on being back in the saddle soon! But– hey… I’m planning to buzz you sometime next week! Take care, lovely lady of the mind!

    Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)! 🙂

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