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Is this what’s in music videos (today)? Is this what our kids see? Is this “entertainment”?

This video is pretty self explanatory and extremely dark.  It’s not so much that it’s subliminal, this is right in our faces!  I need someone to explain to me how this video could ever get passed off as entertainment or a simple song and is okay for anyone under 21 to view.  Hell, no one should be viewing this.  In case it will be unclear (which I seriously doubt) here’s the synopsis:

Girl goes to a masquerade party, she senses something is wrong and tries to escape only to be captured in the woods (by hooded men) sacrificed and later eaten.  Yeah, there’s nothing to guard our kids or ourselves from, right?!Thanks “T” for this disturbing example of what parents now allow their children to see and think is completely okay.  This is not entertainment– this is an indoctrination into something.  Something we shouldn’t be playing around with too.  I suppose the only reason I may have an advantage into viewing this video the way that I do is my background in entertainment.  I now see that entertainment has been nothing but a tool for pure evil while along the way we’re being trained to view these images as ‘harmless’ easily accepting it as ‘normal’.  SMH.

For those who are still skeptical about this very dark video that gives us a glimpse into something we could never imagine, this next clip is of “Noemi”– a survivor of an occult.  Apparently there was an explosive case that involved ritual child abuse (uncovered in France) and this girl (who was a child at time) managed to survive and escaped.  This is what she claims (it’s at the 4:28 mark):Additionally, I’ve tried to let this go (“No More Musical Posts…“) but truly, the matter is too serious to ignore.  I’m very troubled that so many of us are allowing ourselves to be fooled by something very dark and sinister that is behind music (entertainment).  We hear the “rumors” of artists (to include actors, etc.) who sell their souls (or dabble in it) yet it just doesn’t seem to encourage contemplation in the minds of many.  Even when we hear it from their own mouths we still refuse to believe that that world exists:I’ve been watching this series and whoever is, (thanks for the uploads and sharing) is spot on with their research and footage.  In this part of the series we hear insiders come right out and talk about this dark and real group that is using (controlling) entertainment and misleading so many.  It’s interesting to note that Tupac and Biggie seem to (finally) realize they were being used negatively and their understanding the need to change that “power” into something positive:I’ve come to the uncomfortable conclusion that every time we go to a concert or even listen to this stuff we could be unwittingly participating in rituals of some sort.  This (unfortunately) is not a game.  People should know that I’m not trying to ‘get all religious’ on you guys but I feel it’s important to remember this: “Take heed that ye be not deceived…” Luke 21:8.  Why we are not taking into consideration that Lucifer was the most beautiful of all the angels who was the head of the ministry for MUSIC, is beyond me.  Music (and entertainment in general)– what a perfect tool for deception?


John Todd Exposes…(it’s the audio clip)

How A Leading American Model…

3 thoughts on “Is this what’s in music videos (today)? Is this what our kids see? Is this “entertainment”?

  1. Hey lady how are you well hope that things are going well.

    It is very sad that people no longer want direction anymore and that they are going in as long as they get a piece of the self-indulged pie. When I think about it I consider Satan as a very self-indulged spirit what has he ever held himself from on a worldly or heavenly hemisphere? Even Jesus sacrificed himself for the sake and love of others but I have never seen or heard of not one storyline or image where the concept of Satan has ever done the same.

    I don’t do concerts and I rarely but albums anymore there celebrities are so self- indulged it sicken. No one seems to care for anything other then self as the bible has stated. To get through any kind of this bondage you do have to rely on a higher source then self. Individualism really seems to no longer exist which is sad because the human race are the ones with real dominion on this earth. It sad that music can set so many people astray but we all have free will to be a puppet I guess.

    • Hey there lady! Hope all is well with you! (the hard drive to my crappy computer finally crashed)!

      “Free will” is apparently a complicated thing for some people. And while I really was convinced that a lot of entertainers are aware of exactly what they are doing, I think there’s a whole bunch more who are completely unaware. During my “down time” I was able to look into the complicated subject mind control in hollyweird. It’s disturbing what’s been happening and how far back it goes. Tel-Lie-Vision and music has ALWAYS been a tool for the devil. Make no bones about it and I’ve got to hand to “the one cast from heaven”… he could not have chosen a better vehicle to rack up as many souls as he can. Like Prodigy said in the clip; “they got us by the brain”!

      And thinking back on some of those concerts I attended… I really could have been participating in some sort of satanic ritual! And any muthafuca that attended a Ozzy Osborne (for example) concert knows they were in a ritual (remember– he bit off a bat’s head and drank the blood at a concert). It’s always “in plain sight”, ain’t it?! Have you heard of a group called “QLYMAX”? check out this sick shit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2Lsjmm3ETw But that has come from years of mass mind control. They’ve managed to get massive amounts of people open to receive… hell… whatever they want us to accept!

      And here’s what I can’t figure out about the whole heaven hell debate… suppose hell actually does exists and you find that you will spend an eternity in a ‘lake of fire”… wouldn’t it be prudent not to chance it? I burned my ear with a curling iron once (pre-afro) and that shit hurt bad enough. Hey– I’m just saying. 🙂

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