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A Birthday Remembrance: Malcolm X

As much as I wanted to post anything black-related during “Black History Month”, well… I’ve had my reservations.  I’ve gathered over the years, that we’ve lost too many of our young-uns and to me, they are the very ones that we should remind of our very rich Black History.  If we have not taught our children about “Black Wallstreet” (for example)– we ARE FAILING.  ALL Black leaders/voices that came before us seem to have died in vain in my opinion.  Ask yourselves– who are our leaders today that are not self-serving?  Another question I’ve been asking my circle of friends is “why do black folks need leaders anyway?”  “Why haven’t we learned to unite on our own, within our own communities without a Rev. Jesse (had a baby out of wedlock) Jackson”?  So far, we have never come close to a Malcolm X (in my humble opinion) again.  This is one person who will forever remain in my mind AND heart. 

What I like most about this clip is that it demonstrates how we seem to have turned into our own worse enemies.  The self-hate and division must end…

Gone But Not Forgotten

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