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Kid For Sale On Ebay? Is this a joke and if so, why? UPDATED: 5/18

++TURNS OUT THIS WASN’T A JOKE AND (according to this article) THE CHILD WAS ONLY 2!!++

From BattleCreekEnquirer.com, ALLENDALE TOWNSHIP (WZZM) — The Ottawa County prosecutor is reviewing a case against an Allendale Township woman, who investigators say tried to sell a 2-year-old girl on eBay.  Detectives with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department say dispatchers received phone calls from as far away as California and New York, notifying them about the posting around noon on Monday. Investigators say one of the callers actually placed a bid on the child, thinking it was a hoax. However, the suspect accepted the bid and contacted the bidder. The caller then contacted investigators.  Detectives say the suspect is related to the girl and the mother entrusted the child to her while she was away. The suspect is 20 years old and from Allendale Township. Investigators are withholding her name until charges are filed.

After the posting was discovered, deputies contacted the child’s 23-year-old mother who was in Grand Rapids. After meeting with the girl’s mother, a worker with Child Protective Services turned the child over to her.  Investigators believe the suspect wasn’t actually going to sell the child, but would likely take the money under false pretenses.  The toddler, who is from Wyoming, Michigan was not hurt.  Anyone with information in this case is asked to call Silent Observer at 1-877-88-SILENT or visit www.mosotips.com.


Can someone please tell me if this is real or fake?  I got an email and immediately went over to Ebay but wasn’t able to find this ad.  It appears to have a buyer and is now closed.  If anyone out there knows if this is real or not, please feel free to drop a line to Why O’ Why.  You’ll have complete anonymity. 

6 thoughts on “Kid For Sale On Ebay? Is this a joke and if so, why? UPDATED: 5/18

  1. Hey lady I saw this chit and I am so glad that you posted this if it is a joke it is not funny. This is a pretty little girl and EBay should also be accountable for what they let me posted on this company site as well. Did you read the language on this chit it seems like it would be a pedophile dream? I am so tried of fast azz men and women who love having sex while not protecting themselves talking about they are tried of being parents then stop being so dumb. Everyone at time point should know that sex create children. I really hope that this little girl is loved and not looked at as someone pointless zombie that should only be used for profit. You should report this mess to the police just like the mother being invested for giving her 6 Botox.

  2. Hey there! I just updated this! Turns out it wasn’t a “joke” after all!!

    It’s disturbing to think that a parent (mom OR dad) would ever do this. A pedophiles dream without a doubt! And I read the verbiage that was in the ad. I didn’t think it was funny or cute. I love how karma was a work here though… didn’t take long for the intervention and thank goodness one of the actual bidders was a good person and turned in what they discovered. I shutter to think if the “transaction” was made.

    And I skipped the botox kid story intentionally because really? Botoxing kids is now a normal ‘thought’? Too dumb for me to even address! lol

  3. Well that is good that it was turned in please keep us up dated because I want to hear the out come this story. Thanks

    • It’s fantastic that things turned out well for this child! I’ll definitely keep on the look out for the updates because you KNOW I was ready “to make the call” if necessary! 🙂

      • This is why people need to stop having babies that they are not ready for she the mother needs to leave the child with a family member for a long time without being able to check on her in a real close and personal way.

        I am glad that God has looked out and over her because she is a cute and innocent child in the hands of monsters.

        Women need to stop thinking that sex is be valued highly just for a man sakes and for the sake of there own messed up ego. I am starting to hear so many
        stories of you adult women getting pregnant and then trying to hurt the baby.
        You are already trifling so why not just get an abortion instead of going through the pregnancy and birth and then killing a very innocent baby because now you don’t want it but you know that from the beginning of the pregnancy.

        I was listen to a story when I women gave birth and then throw the new born down an 8 floor trash compactor who does that? I continue to comfirm to me to not to have children unless I have a environment and people with in that environment that want the best for the household over all because there is freedom in not being caught up in there very depressing cycle of destructions we have no care for human life, ourselves or other people

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