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TSA Checks Shitty Diapers?! For real?!!!!

What’s wrong with the parent for allowing this and is TSA really serious that american moms would blow up their babies on planes?!  This shit is utterly ridiculous!  I said it would get worse and it has!  Does anyone realize that TSA stated back in November that they’ll no longer do ‘enhanced’ searches on any children that are 12 and under yet, somehow they’re searching a baby?  Can you really in your heart say that this is okay? 

3 thoughts on “TSA Checks Shitty Diapers?! For real?!!!!

  1. Oh yeah? I bet that baby would’ve snuck in some explosives! This is totally appropriate! I would totally want that baby checked! I bet it is a muslim too, which means it is terrorist by birth! That mother is the embodiment of America: Security over freedom.

    Pfft. Hell, I’d sooner take the chance of a man dressed as a stereotypical terrorist on my plane than have a guy look at my baby’s ass. I’d rather a man with a six gun openly displayed on my plane than be made pornography on a screen. Sure I’d have suspicion, but unless it is probably cause (PROBABLE mind you) I wouldn’t be scared to death.

    • Hahaha! I love your comment!! Seriously… it’s the best one in a while!!!! Vive le Critical Thinking!!! 🙂

      “I’d rather a man with a six gun openly displayed on my plane than be made pornography on a screen.” AMEN to that!! (lol). I actually no longer subscribe to the plane bombing scenario by ‘enemies’, I worry about that from within our own government. Too many missing links about 9/11 for me to ever believe that these ‘terrorists’ could pull that off or even want to. The xmas bomber was a big snafu on their part because it was obvious this patsy was getting help to board the plane and get past ‘security’. No passport but he’s passes security check points? Come on. I’ve been to Schiphol.

      Well, I hope americans are feeling safer now that we’ve officially given permission for grown folks (TSA perverts) to fondle baby bottoms. I wonder if we’ll finally get upset when they start checking baby rectums and baby kitty cats?!

  2. Few mothers would stuff explosives in a baby’s diaper, but they would smuggle things like drugs or other valuables. That has been done.


    Remember, someone tried to assassinate Benazir Bhutto by handing her a baby wrapped in explosives. He didn’t get near Bhutto, but a lot of people died when those explosives went off. Yes, there are people who will do that.

    I don’t know what happened there, so it does seem outrageous, but unless we know the facts the image may not be as outrageous as it seems.

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