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“Starsuckers”: Is This A Film About You?

Here’s the synopsis for the film: “British filmmaker Chris Atkins directs this documentary looking at the often devious ways the media machine works both to fuel and to feed off an increasingly celebrity-obsessed culture. From the pushy parents who seek recognition for their children to the established public figures who use their position to gain political influence, the film exposes the immoral, corrupt and often illegal practices employed by our pervasive and pernicious celebrity industry.”  Here’s the trailer: It’s worth the entire watch which can be viewed HERE.  This is a very revealing documentary that shows how we’ve (globally) become obsessed with fame and our hidden desire to achieve it.  It also reveals how media and news has been manipulating us every step of the way.  We are in fact under mass mind control.  You’ll be amazed how easily you’ll be able to identify with this documentary as it demonstrates how our minds truly operate through the cleaver manipulation of ‘entertainment’.  We’ve been ‘played’, ya’ll!!

2 thoughts on ““Starsuckers”: Is This A Film About You?

  1. Hey lady yeah TV seems to be a place were everyday bondage starts in this generation. A tube of images, with word manipulation, and plays on people abilities and dreams. I feel that God has brought me to a point where I don’t chase after fame because I see more importance in everyday life I rather put more energy on keeping myself grounded which to me hold a higher value. I really believe in the things that are unseen so I try not to bring a lot of attention on what I can see because it is no surprise because it is seen. Images give visual instruction to the mind that then turns around a give instruction to your feel to move into that direction so I try to be very limited in what I choose to expose myself too. I just got my TV turned back on after like 3 years so I try to have restraint because TV is an illusion and a delusion and we are being it programmed to be dysfunctional. Everyone can be a star we need people to embrace all career choices for life because that is what makes the world evolve. At lot of people can not separate themselves for the concept and entertainment of television.

    • Nicely friggin stated! 🙂

      I didn’t realize you were an ex-tv watcher?! Very cool. After my gap of close to 8 years, I’m amazed by what we now call “entertainment”.

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