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Last Word On The Obama/Osama Debacle (“Bin Laden BEEN DEAD, Ya’ll”)!!

The back peddling of the white house should sound the alarms that we’re being fed unbelievable lies.  While something did happen in Abbottabad, it wasn’t with bin Laden.  Even the residents are certain of it:Do I know the full story?  Of course not, but there is way too much evidence that supports the fact that bin Laden died long before May 1st.  Benazir Bhutto died because she mentioned “Osama was murdered” (see that clip here: Bhutto Murdered) and shortly after that she was ‘assassinated’.  People must wrap their minds around this simple fact; ‘the government and it’s different agencies (CIA mostly), can and do create stories to feed to the public that are pure lies’.  They have the budget and the clearance to pull off any assignment they are instructed.  And if you dig, you’ll find there have been at least “8 bin Laden deaths” since 9/11 (long before May 1st 2011).  The long term memory of [so many] people is kinda ‘scary’ to me.  One other thing that does not compute– how is that we haven’t charged the man {bin Laden} with 9/11 but we shoot him twice in the head (supposedly while he’s unarmed) and just dump his body in the ocean?  Is that what we call “democracy”?  That’s straight up mafia where I come from!  You say, “everybody knows Osama was behind 9/11”.  Apparently, the FBI doesn’t!!  Even after updating the “deceased banner” across Osama’s mug shot, they still have not listed him as the primary suspect or “wanted” for what happened on 9/11.  Here’s their own verbiage (click to enlarge):

It’s not an oversight that they’ve never corrected this… it’s because he didn’t do it!  I am utterly fascinated by the amount of people who are connecting dots that don’t exist or completely and blindly believing what the white house and media says OR even thinking this is a race issue, a party issue or anything else.  This is distraction at its’ finest!  Clearly, one of the reasons this is out is because your president is going to be “re-elected”.  There are a myriad of other reasons this was done but the most clear is that obama is going to have a second term.  I can see the writing on the wall.  I’m just more nervous about what the other reasons are (I have my ideas too).  Critical thinking, much like the typewriter, has become obsolete.  If the elite are testing the masses just to gauge how dumb we’ve become by throwing out this ridiculous story, I’d say “check mates” are in order because we’re about as dumb as we need to be for them, in my opinion.  “bin Laden BEEN DEAD” and even before he was dead, here’s yet another write-up on how he was offered to Bush and Bush’s ass turned down the offer flat!  Andrew Buncombe from The Independent-Asia writes:

After a week of debilitating strikes at targets across Afghanistan, the Taliban repeated an offer to hand over Osama bin Laden, only to be rejected by President Bush.

Click HERE for the full read.  Bush said he wanted him dead or alive and when handed to him, he rejects it?  Then suddenly “out of nowhere” the ‘black superman’ comes in and gets what Georgie couldn’t?  Can you sense there’s a game being played?  They never “hunted” for bin Laden although they’ve wasted millions for “the production” so that we’d see our soldiers going through caves and shit (peep Aaron Russo’s words).  When he died years ago they kept that boogey man image alive to continue the fear in the naive sect of the population.  Honestly, they did get this crap right because way too many folks are falling for this.  If I were playing spades, I say they just pulled out their little joker!  Brace yourselves for that “big Joker” soon.   A final thought… I think it is laughable that the white house “is not” releasing photos ‘NOW’– I said that day one!  They wouldn’t release photos because they can’t

This may or may not be my last post on this debacle– I can’t really say right now because the entire ordeal is giving me friggin’ gas!!!


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