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The “Police State” is right before our very eyes… peep this!

Still think that a police state is not part of the ultimate goal of those elite behind the scenes?  Well, peep this shit!  How would you feel if you’re on your property and video taping an ‘officer on duty’ (a PUBLIC SERVANT by the way) and then BAM!  Suddenly you’re arrested without warrant or cause?  This cocky muthafvka will only get what most get who abuse their authority of the badge (paid administrative leave) but man, is this tape food for thought or what?  I still say there is a window for us all to stand up against this.  We seem to keep forgetting there are far more of us than them.  Just check what was caught on tape at a persons property that was not interfering with the duty of an officer in no way.  Here’s the description of the clip: “Arrested on his property. Trying to take his cell phone. 3 young black male and one female took out at gun point. released claiming mistaken Idenity.”


Cop: I’m taking your phone because this is evidence.

Citizen: Evidence?

Cop: Give me your phone.

Citizen: I can’t give you my phone!

Cop: Do you want to go to jail?

Citizen:  Go to jail?

Cop: You’re under arrest… withholding evidence.

Tape ends.

First thing wrong, no probable cause to enter this person’s property… this cop is not collecting evidence for an arrest, he was trying to squash video of any possible misconduct.  Wait until this happens to you and then you’ll see just how real it is.  Know your rights and don’t be bullied by the person who’s salary is based on our tax dollars.  I strongly feel that each time one of these pieces of video are shot and collected should serve as motivation to fire all Police Chiefs/Sheriffs across the u.s. for allowing their cops to abuse their authority.  The longer we wait, the worse it will get.  Guaranteed.  I remind everyone that there are solutions: “Kick Them All Out” is a great place to start because we have more power than we think and this site does a bang up job of explaining that. 

Doesn’t anyone think it’s odd that we now refer to cops as “law enforcement” when they were once called “Peace Officers”?  They are being trained to look at all u.s. citizens as threats to local and federal government.  Don’t believe me?  It’s been said that this has been distributed to Police Chiefs across the u.s. by none other than the FBI.  I only found this one in Arizona but the message is loud and clear– we are now considered the enemy!  Disturbing dialogue like; “defenders of the Constitution” is named in this pamphlet.  What’s telling about this list is the “Single Issue Terrorist” and “Common Law (Sovereignty) Issues” sections (click for larger view):



I first saw this back in 2003 and found it really hard to believe.   But, you tell me if our “peace officers” haven’t turned into “law enforcement” agents over a relatively short period of time or not.  Supposedly, this was issued back in 1999 but I wasn’t able to confirm that definitely I just know when I first came across this.  Food for thought indeed.

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