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Exactly Why Are People Following This Man?

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why so many follow this man?  Don’t people know how to read the eyes of a person?  This dude is straight up creepy as hell yet people flock as if he really is some deity when nothing but evil exudes from him…If that’s a smile then I’m 6’1″ and blonde!That’s it… send your kids straight to the pedophile so that he doesn’t have to look too far.Seriously… something isn’t right about this person.  And what’s up with that thumb?!  Freaky!!  But what’s more unnerving is how many actually follow this man.  The blind faith of people is a perplexing thing to me.

While I do maintain that you should never judge a book by it’s cover– the expression “the eyes are the window to the soul” ain’t no joke.  Dude ain’t got no stinkin’ soul!  Thanks “T” for these very revealing images of a “saint”.

15 thoughts on “Exactly Why Are People Following This Man?

  1. Hello Lady, how was your Passover weekend?

    To me this man has always look evil but since I am not a Catholic it really does not bother me because I don’t follow there practices. I never understood why one needs a third party to talk to God and have always seen this as a method of keeping control. While Jesus does serve as an intercessor between us and God he also has the image above man and has paid the price to take that place. From what I know about this man he use to be a young Nazi solder in his past. His eyes always to me shows a true image of his heart and after all that I see and have learned from watching documentaries all evil people just seem to be recycled into the fabric of our society to keep us in eternal earthy bondage. Anyway on another note I really enjoyed watching so many Jesus inspired programs and images of his love and nature this weekend because it really gave me the boost to push forward in life while keeping my eyes on the prize which is my salvation that I receive through Jesus sacrifice as my Lord and Savior.

  2. My weekend was fine, hope yours was wonderful as well!

    I’m with you on this… how in the world did people become convinced that there needs to be a proxy in order to talk to God?! I tell ya… when I was in Rome, the friggin pope wasn’t even there (in the country) yet people were lined up around the wall outside of the chapel to see him! The line started forming at 4am!

    And dude does look demonic to me… especially in that last shot! Something ain’t right about him. I hadn’t read that he was a Nazi, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. I’m finding that link between several of today’s ‘leaders’. They still believe in that. Hitler MIGHT be dead, but his minions are alive and kicking.

    And seriously, what is up with that thumb of his? I’ve never seen a thumb do that or look like that!

    • Well thanks, Chin! I had to “google it” as they say because I haven’t seen that before… at least I didn’t think that I did. I couldn’t find cloven thumbs but I did find clubbed thumbs. I knew a few thumb suckers growing up and their thumbs did morph a bit (much like the images of a clubbed thumb) but nothing like that. It seems that thumb of his has been morphing during his tenure too. I think that thumb looks totally different than this one, don’t you?

  3. I typed in creepy people. And I knew this pope how be on the list. I said this man is a demon from the first picture I seen of him. His eyes and smile screams evil. His entire demeanor looks very sinister. Imagine waking up finding him standing over you.

    • “Imagine waking up finding him standing over you”! That’s funny but it ain’t as I can see every face of all the innocent children who experienced that very thing with him! Still can’t believe so many follow him and that sect so blindly!

  4. All quite reasonable points. On the other hand I missed the gallery of your own photos that I may pore over looking for a few bad examples.

    • Hi there, Cass and thanks for stopping by! A hard drive crash prevents me from uploading right now but as just one main example of “bad”– why is there any belief that the pope is our liaison to God? The bible says many times, if you come to Me. Not the pope, not Mary– no other name is mentioned other than we have the free will to come DIRECTLY to God. 😉


  5. Possibly fair enough but who are you targeting here? A non-photogenic geezer or the conceptual office of the pope? It seems you’re wandering a bit here. Personally I don’t particularly care for either party, but would simply prefer people expressed themselves cogently and coherently without attempted clickbait.

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