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6 thoughts on “U.S. Concentration Camps: Officially Confirmed

    • Hi Nina!

      Say it again! All anyone has to do is check the The Library of Congress (although it’s been busted for their one entry on Gifford, I believe it was) to see if Bill Hefner was a member of congress… check his activity. He (unlike a lot of players in this twisted global game) WAS real– he’s died in 2000 if I’m not mistaken. The research is there if people would actually pull themselves from FOOTBALL, for example! 😉

      Welcome to the “party” Nina!

      • Hi Jazz, thanks so much. I was blown away at some of this stuff, I have been researching for 6 years now and that rabbit hole goes very deep, wow seems never ending.

      • Hi there Nina!

        6 years?! WOW! I like that dedication cause it really takes alot, doesn’t it??! I’ll be honest– I was truly hoping that they did not exist! After I viewed Naomi Wolf’s documentary; “The End of America” (simply must viewing, you guys) it made the possibility of imprisioned americans a reality. The u.s. is just like Germany at the time of their subtle take over. It is almost identical! And when I found Hefner’s letter I think I was depressed for 3 full days cuz far too many are NOT paying attention.

        And would you agree that this (although sick and twisted) journey is the most interesting thing a person can experience? The only thing it’s not “better than” to me is SEX (correction; GOOD sex)! It beats all forms of entertainment and once you cross a certain threshold, you really can’t participate any longer. The only program that I do indulge in is “The Dog Whisperer” (whenever I have time). I could be wrong, but I happen to think that is the ONLY reality show on the air! I’ve even come to hate the cooking network (or whatever it’s called) and I love to cook! lol

        I’m glad to find others who are not only hip to these disturbing topics but it is extremely encouraging to see that there are lots of people who are opening their eyes! I’m so glad you stopped by, lady!

        Jazz 😉

    • Wowzer– do the same thing I did… RESEARCH. It’s linked because the RESEARCH was traceable (or can be VALIDATED)!!! Can’t BELIEVE I missed your comment here! I do LOVE mi challenging “debates”, though. 😉


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