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Marianne Godboldo fights for her daughter after vaccinations crippled her and a stand-off with Police, Swat and CPS!

Just in case you’ve not heard of this case/incident (although I’ve already posted about her case: see that HERE), here’s a reminder and update for you…This is serious shit, folks.  We must wrap our minds around this because the powers that be are pushing ever increasingly towards a police state mentality (without a doubt).   Ignore if you chose but in the end… we will all lose!  Mrs. Godboldo is exemplary for her actions.  What else should be a wake up call for us all?   No force outside my home will ever decide for me how I take care of or medicate MY child!  Period!!!  Godboldo is right to no longer trust these drugs (from big pharma) after her daughter’s vaccinations, nor should she!  Think about her case as if it were YOU and YOUR CHILD!!!! 

Here’s another clip where Mr. Godboldo explains that their daughter has been sexually abused while in the care of the state as the child has contracted a venereal disease: New Horrific Twist with Godboldo’s DaughterWhat a nightmare for this child and her parents!  She went from healthy and vibrant to something completely different due to these shots that people so blindly give to their children, being separated from her parents and now sexually abused.  If this isn’t a reality check for you guys… I don’t know how to shake you out of your slumbers.  I just hope that when the next bouts of vaccinations roll around, you’ll remember this story.  This could easily be your future as vaccinations are nothing but poison which has been admitted as noted within this article: “Vaccine Nation“.  The MOST important part to pay close attention to is the 6:51 mark until the end– this is a transcript from a secret meeting where the CDC  was in attendance back in 2000!  It is undeniable proof that they have foreknowledge of the true harm these vaccines can cause.

One thought on “Marianne Godboldo fights for her daughter after vaccinations crippled her and a stand-off with Police, Swat and CPS!

  1. so bad things in my bithday dato??????
    can help me tooo i have the same problem
    sincerely van damme iveta jane i need too victory for parental rights

    just no one realy help s me. are you there?

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