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Expired food given to prisons (Mass.)

Man… these people are a trip.  I feel there are some people who actually commit heinous crimes deserve little food and water, a hard (flat) pillow and a wool (super itchy) blanket.  Pedophiles and rapists should have a miserable time while they are locked away.  But blatantly feeding prisoners expired food?  Why aren’t these fuckers who gave this crap to prisons not in jail themselves?  If they served this food to our children it would be a revolution the next day (then again, maybe not because they already served some of this food to our kids).  If they tried to make the general population eat this crap, there would be one lawsuit after the next.  Massachusetts is “off the charts” with their Police State mentality too.   Anyway, click HERE for the full read.  I’m not one who wastes food but I’m certainly not eating some expired shit either and they’re playing around with expired chicken too?  I don’t think this is right, but what do you say?  Oh, yeah… it might be good for people to know that most of the eggs you buy in chain store supermarkets are actually expired.  They re-wash, re-package and restock eggs all the time.  I’m so glad I’m a vegan now.

2 thoughts on “Expired food given to prisons (Mass.)

  1. if that aint the nastiest shyt there. isnt this illegal?
    and I am soooo with you on that meat. you dont play with chicken like that. i bet there are alot of sick inmates there and they blamin it on somethin else.

    if I had a loved one in there Id be talkin a lot of shyt right now…

    • “isn’t this illegal?” If you or I did this we’d probably be under a jail! And you’re right, I bet there have been lots of food poisoning cases that are dismissed for something else. And these prisoners families should be talking mucho smack right now!

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