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80 Percent of Women Faking Orgasms, Says Study

WTF?  No wonder broads are fighting so much or are quick to fly off the handle!  They’ve got years of jizzem backed up in their system! 

(CBS) Some women fake orgasms – this we know. But did you also know that 80 percent are moaning and groaning not only when they are absolutely not climaxing or coming anywhere near it, but when they are fervently wishing for the whole thing to be over?  At least that’s what a team of British researchers found when they studied 71 heterosexual women between the ages of 18 and 48.

They found a whopping 80 percent faked orgasms during vaginal intercourse at least half of the time.  A smaller group was even more prolific with their oohs and aahs. The study found 25 percent of the women faked it 90 percent of the time, according to MSNBC.  The participants in the study, led by Dr. Gayle Brewer of the University of Central Lancashire and Dr. Colin A. Hendrie of the University of Leeds, answered probing questions about “vocalization” during sex, specific times during the sex act they make noise, what kinds of noises or words they make, and their reasons for doing so.

Researchers found that women are often quietest when they are actually receiving pleasure, like during oral sex or foreplay. They make the most erotic noises when sex starts feeling uncomfortable or when they get bored.  They also get noisy when they sense their partner is ready to climax – to boost their partner’s self esteem, many reported.

The study’s authors say woman use vocalizations to “manipulate male behavior to their advantage,” but since, as an MSNBC columnist pointed out, some well-meaning men are so fixated on making his partner climax that he won’t stop until he thinks she has.  Most women, the researchers said, were just faking it to be nice.  Unless of course they were faking that too to researchers.

WOW!  Fuckin’ WOW!  This is so wrong!  I can’t believe that many women are faking it but it really wouldn’t surprise me all that much.  Although, I can’t imagine getting all sweaty for no reason because what a waste?  Why are we faking it?  Seriously, where’s the benefit?  I can imagine that their lives are totally frustrating with their partners but what I can’t figure out is why women aren’t talking to their partners about this?  Seriously… aren’t we adults, YET?!  This does explain the few guys I’ve come across who were completely clueless in the bedroom– they’ve been misled into believing they were the shit!  I did some research with my Gyno and asked her about this… she couldn’t verify 80% but she did note that quite a few of her patients are not being satisfied. 

And for the men; don’t you know when a woman is having an orgasm?  There is a tell-tell sign that has nothing to do with “the moaning and screaming” so why haven’t you guys figured that out yet?  I will share this tidbit… the woman’s body is not totally equipped to start having orgasms  through vaginal penetration until around ages 25-27.   There are a few exceptions of course, but not that many.  I personally couldn’t be in a relationship where I wasn’t getting my rocks off so I don’t how these women are going through life FAKING IT!   No wonder a lot of women lose interest after a baby is born.  If sex was unfulfilled before pregnancy they sure as hell ain’t going to be a happy to return to it after a child is born!  This report is wrong on so many levels.  Men walking around with “the big head” (like they’ve really been doing something) and women are frustrated as hell!  Again, aren’t we adults, yet?  Women should be talking to their partners and men shouldn’t be so damn sensitive because each woman gets excited by different things (you big dummies)!  Sorry but I had to quote Fred Sanford on that!


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