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Fluoride Spill At Illinois Water Facility Requires Hazmat Response, But It’s Ok To Drink….

Hydrofluorosilicic Acid.  Sounds like it will quench your thirst, right?  Maybe that’s why it’s in our water supply!

We should be in an uproar over this as they are clearly lying about the safety of this.  Why Hazmat suits if it’s safe?  It ate through concrete you guys so if you want to remain in denial about the safety of Fluoride, that’s on you!   Do yourself a favor, take a container of it to your local university so that you can see for yourselves what’s in your water.  People, we must come to terms with the fact that we are being ran by a bunch of sociopaths and psychopaths. They do not care about us.If you could watch that clip you really should watch this one by Natural News (they’re on the blogroll too).  I think you’ll be stunned by this intentional deception.  And food for thought: doesn’t it seem odd to say that fluoride is okay or good for the teeth but if you swallow your toothpaste you should seek medical attention immediately (take a look at your labels)?  Sometimes, the things that are staring us right in the face are ridiculous.  Here’s the link: The Fluoride Deception.  The clip is short enough that you could prep your dinner while you listen.

2 thoughts on “Fluoride Spill At Illinois Water Facility Requires Hazmat Response, But It’s Ok To Drink….

  1. As mentioned on Part 2 – it was used in Nazi camps. It is used to dumb down and slow kill. The natural springs in our areas and surrounding have been moved, changed, have signage from the government scaring people into thiking they will get sick from it, and otherwise shut down. They don’t want us to drink natural water from a spring that humans have been doing for thousands of years…just drink the dead non-energetic bottle BPA water that is really from the tap ie. Dasani water was found to be tap water and people were buying it thinking it was filtered spring.

  2. Tap water generally has other toxic substances which are studied by universities but kept in a hush hush situation. It’s not just the deadly fluoride.

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