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2 thoughts on “Can’t Even Stand On Your Own Property And Have A Basketball Hoop?

  1. This is why I am glad that I do not own property as of yet. It is a process that requires a lot of research and time. I do think that owning home these days is not really like owning a home. I was listening to this economist and he was saying that owning a how is one of the worst investments that once can make and that it causing a lot more stress in life. You can never just walk away from it as renter can walk away from property. While I do believe that buying a home can be a very positive experience and investment it does have the same potential to be a nightmare at the same time. It like you never really own it free and clear even once the mortgage is taking care of and the little things can make you lose a full paid for house like not paying your taxes. I definitely feel freedom in not owning a house just as of yet but on the same token I do want something that feels like mind without too much outside input. Girl have you even watched this show called House Hunters? I love this show it helps me to get a fill for what shopping for a house is like and how much peace one can have being a house owner. I watch this show to teach myself pointers on buying property, it gives you a sense of hope of what can be to come, it helps you understand wise decision verse impulsive decisions and how to be happy with you ending product.

    • Hi there, lady! (sorry for the delay– had to got out of town suddenly)….

      I think OWNING property was a good thing at one time but not so much now. The fact that people exclaim “home ownership” when paying on a mortgage is the ultimate oxymoron! lol. We’ve been grifted. I’ll put it like this, if and when the shyt does hit the fan, home owners will more than likely have it far worse than renters!

      Funny you mentioned “House Hunters”… I just saw an ad (15 minutes ago) for that very show. Now… this is just my personal feeling, but if a person can’t buy, they really shouldn’t sweat it now. The balance has shifted. So unless you’ve (anyone) got monies stacked away, I wouldn’t ‘buy’ a home now if I was paid to buy one! People are about to be rudely awakened by that ‘investment’ (30+ year mortgage). Long ride on a short rail.

      I think the reason I wanted to post this one is because, WOW… a basketball hoop that has been stationary for 60 years was removed because of one asshole in the neighborhood? The invitation to snitch on neighbors for the smallest of infractions is becoming a widespread problem. I’m not one to condone the “no snitch policy” per se, BUT… come on! Stopping kids from being physically active in a cul-de-sac is ridiculous (easements or not). That post has remained untouched for 60 years. I’m curious to find the total cost for those basketball hoops to be removed that day. I can’t imagine it cost less than 100K. What a waste. Is it just me or are cul-de-sac used mostly for the turn around in neighborhoods, additional parking (during block parties) or a basketball hoop? Shyt… how many deaths or traffic collision happen in a cul-de-sac? This is the square root of WTF? (hahaha)

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