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How a leading American fashion model came to be experimented upon by the CIA mind control team

I’m posting this one for two reasons; 1) it’s a damn good read– I plan to purchase the book; 2) this could be a real glimpse into MK Ultra.  While I don’t want to spoil the read for you, here are a few excerpts:

While preparing for bed, Candy began speaking again in the voice Nebel had heard earlier. Even more alarming, this strange personality within Candy had a completely different attitude towards him; ‘she’ sounded cruel, mocking and cold. When Nebel asked her about it, Candy was astonished; she hadn’t noticed the emergence of another voice or personality.

This operation was vast and highly organised. Candy – as Arlene, the virtual zombie – visited training camps, military bases and secret medical facilities all over America. She was studied and trained in every aspect of covert action, including explosives, close combat with improvised weaponry, disguise and communications. She was taught how to kill with her bare hands, conditioned to resist pain, and shown how to counter interrogation techniques. She was shown off by a proud Jensen to the military on many occasions as an example of narco-hypnotic success: the perfect warrior. Jensen’s pièce de résistance was to demonstrate that his conditioning was so deep that Arlene would kill herself on command. An idea of the kind of moral values of the people involved here is illustrated by Jensen putting a lighted candle inside Candy’s open vagina without her registering pain or fear. He demonstrated this before 24 doctors in an auditorium at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

I’ve come up with some math… it is confirmed that 6% of the population are sociopaths/psychopaths.  I say, 4% run our world (governments, elites, corporations, military, etc.) and 1% are under mind control.  I’m actually quite serious about that too.  The remaining 1%, well, they are byproducts of the poisons [vaccines, water fluoridation, genetically modified foods, etc.] they are unaware of and the ones they chose i.e. McDevils (oops– McDonald’s), Red Bull, Coca Cola, etc.  It’s the only way I can explain the increase in Autism, hyperactivity, lower I.Q.’s, regression, child diabetes, aggression (seems everybody is fighting these days over the silliest of things).  People are “spazzin” for no damn reason (IMO) which I think leans more towards a sociopaths behavior (at least I think it does).  But I digress…

I’m curious if anyone is aware that there were at least 700 (mad) scientists that were granted entry (instead of prosecution) after the Holocaust into Argentina?  These scientists did do experiments on (some of) the Jews before they were exterminated (mostly children).  Another 600 or so were allowed to create the space program or NASA (as we know it).  And by now, I’m sure everyone and their mother knows the Bush’s involvement with the Nazi’s?

This book is drawn from sessions while Candy Jones was under hypnosis.  As Candy and her husband’s (Nebel) life began to unfold, he was smart enough to document what was uncovered.  I can’t say whether this is a true account but I do think Candy’s story is plausible and I think this activity has been ongoing. It’s very reminiscent of the movie; “The Manchurian Candidate” with Denzel Washington (a remake version that Frank Sinatra first played).  They love flaunting the truth in front of us through film.  I say; with all of the unbelievable possibilities to this enormously sinister chess game that is our world now, this article is definitely worth peeping especially if you like a good read.  If you decide to buy the book, cool.  But after reading the article I want to read the entire book.

I’ve got to hand it to these sick fucks– they’ve thought of everything that will allow them to continue to sliver unnoticed.  Click HERE for the full fascinating read.

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