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BrasscheckTV.com has been added to the blogroll!

Usually, I’ll just add a website/blog I like to the blogroll but I think this one deserves a little heads up that it’s been added.  I’ve been checking them out for a while now and I’d highly recommend them as a good resource for what’s really going on in the ‘news’.  They refer to this famous quote which pretty much summarizes their efforts:

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible,
and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis of Assisi

I’ve posted videos I’ve seen on their site before with the most recent being;Cops On Steroids“.  This next one deserves a “little” spot light too.

As soon as I got overseas and was able to talk to the soldiers– the first thing I wanted to know is; “why did they think we’re in Iraq if most of the ‘highjackers’ came from Saudi”?  Of course, no one was able to answer that for me.  But that, and the passport that didn’t burn “while on the hijacker” and engulfed in flames is probably why I will remain a Pitbull on this topic.  It was (after all) the very thing that stopped me from crying those days after.  I remember saying aloud; “wait a f*vkn minute” and I’ve been mad and sniffing like a bloodhound ever sinceIt’s also why I don’t believe all of these airport “terrorist” attacks we’ve had, either!  That “Xmas bomber” was probably the most lame attempt on their part to keep everyone in fear.

As much as I share that not everyone “hates” americans from the Persian Gulf region… having a friend who’s been in Saudi for the past 16 years– that’s really not a place that I would be, especially as a woman.  AND… as a matter of fact, I got my warnings for the region (while living in the region) from him (my friend)– not where I was located in Kuwait (even though I was living 15 minutes from the Saudi boarder which was discovered after missing an exit). His his notices came directly from the Saudi Embassy.  His info/alerts were far more credible than ours.  I still maintain that most from the Persian Gulf are “u.s. friendly” (I have too many friends that remain there to ignore), but I’m not naive that there really are some who want america out of their backyards.

I found this clip interesting and I think you will too.  Remember… BrasscheckTV.com is now on the blogroll– they usually add clips every few days. I suppose there are several things we can take away from this clip but my main focus is to point out how deceptive our govt has truly become.  There will be another September 11th if we don’t take the bull by the horns soon.  I want to encourage you to look at what the link in this article contains as a possible (firm) solution.  We really need to comprehend that we can achieve transparency, accountability and even the removal of these people when we know how to play the game.  I can’t say it enough– THIS possible solution has real teeth and remarkably simple to enforce.  Knowledge is power… believe that!

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