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Mid-Week Jam (MWJ): “Uknowhowwedu” by Bahamadia

When I was [fairly] young(er) and getting “pumped” to hang out at a party or gathering (w/friends)… this jam was certainly part of my repertoire (a “go to song”) that stuck with me for a moment in time.  Actually, I could say the same about Parliament/Funkadelics, Slave, Confunkshun, Steely Dan or The Eagles and I won’t exclude Patsy Cline.  Yep, YEP!

Now, honestly… I have no thorough concept of everything she’s [Bahamadia] saying (never have).  But, the rhythm, flow of spitted lyrics and/or that funky ass baseline– maaan, it seemed to get me ready for the dance floor every time.  (I just hope that I’m NOT being a hypocrite by posting this groovy tune that I was recently reminded of.) 😉  So… enjoy and swing out!   Hope you’re having a groovy Wednesday, fellow people!!! 🙂

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