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War On The Poor: Minnesota Republicans Want To Bust Poor People Who Carry Cash

On the “You have got to be kidding me scale”… this rates a solid 8+!  I’m not going to focus on which party is involved because I maintain that it truly makes no difference.  This is simply yet another example of govt bullies who’ve gone power crazy!  (Thanks, Wilfredo for the tip!!)  The article sent, reads in part:

“House File 171 would make it so that families on MFIP – and disabled single adults on General Assistance and Minnesota Supplemental Aid – could not have their cash grants in cash or put into a checking account. Rather, they could only use a state-issued debit card at special terminals in certain businesses that are set up to accept the card.

The bill also calls for unconstitutional residency requirements, not allowing the debit card to be used across state lines and other provisions that the Welfare Rights Committee and others consider unacceptable.”

Now… I know that abuse exists amongst some recipients but I tend to think that most are honest, single parents (mothers) doing the best they can under the circumstances.  Is the system broken?  Uh, YEAH!  All shit in our agencies are broken so this is just another example.  But attacking the poor?  Maaann– these dirty bastards!  I do like this suggestion that’s made within the article though…:

“… I’d be out looking for skeletons in the Republican closets. It seems to be the most effective way of purging these immoral creeps.”  Hell, I’d even say they could be baited if you can’t find their skeltons too!  Remember that dude that advertised for “some extra booty on the side” via Craigslist, don’t you?  Hey– just sayin’…

I’ve mentioned in one of the blogcasts that I have a sister on welfare and that’s really all I know of it (in any real details).  But what I’ve been informed of is that if you do start to earn a living, your benefits decrease.  Now that’s a fair assumption because the goal is that you’re no longer in need of public aide.  But, what my sister shared with me is that twice [when she did gain employment] her benefits where cut off almost immediately (or a significant deduction was made).  The way she explained that to me is that there wasn’t a “grace period” in order for that “transition” to be a success.  Where she may have needed a few months to actually save money for the increase in rent (OR moving out of that locale as she did, which required first/last months rent, plus deposit and credit app. fees) or the deduction in food stamps– she simply wasn’t allowed.  She claims that during that year (her first attempt at trying to get off of “the system”), she went into to tremendous debt because the balance between the two (realistically) couldn’t be met.  While my sis has been on my shit list for a hot minute as she only saw me as her personal ATM for a while (plus I caught her red-handed being financially irresponsible a few times which I immediately put my foot down upon once discovered), I have to believe what she shared about her first hand experience.  So my question is, how does anyone ever really get off of public assistance?  If a man and extra income is brought into the home, that’s a penalty or you could stand to lose your benefits– so where exactly is the “helping hand”?  To me, it appears as though, once you enter that, it’s damn near impossible to get out of it.  It seems that it helps you from homelessness and (total) hunger but how does one actually ‘leave the system’?  I use to criticize those who remained there for “a lifetime”… but maybe it’s far more challenging to navigate for those of us who’ve never been on it to appreciate what a difficult thing it truly is.  And although welfare hits us all in the pockets, if we apply the adage; ‘it takes a village to raise a child”– welfare is part of that village.

The fact that these miscreants want to control whether or not recipients can have cash on their person or where and how they can get it is simply obscene.  Again, I have to remind people that there is a solution to all of this gangster bullshit we are increasingly and passively (by our silence and non-activism) accepting.  I encourage everyone to review the link contained in HERE.  It is a solid thing to consider.  You can click HERE for the full read about these “Guidos” going gangster on poor (financially) single mothers (parents).  Some might be thinking this is only in Minnesota so no big deal.  If memories serves me correctly, when a precedent is set in one state– it can sweep through a nation.  Remember Roe Vs. Wade?  Thanks again, Wilfredo for the tip!  As always, you rock!

A parting note for motivation… STOP!!!  EDITORS NOTE (3/25/11):  I was challenged and reminded to not delude this subject.  I had a song posted at the end [of the article] but was advised to remove it (the point was well received).  Since that advice came from a friend, I’ll heed the warning.  BUT… There was nothing in our dialogue to prohibit me from making a musical gem reference.  So for the record it was called; “Skeletons” by Stevie Wonder.  Politicians (in my opinion) have more [skeletons] than many.

4 thoughts on “War On The Poor: Minnesota Republicans Want To Bust Poor People Who Carry Cash

  1. See, thing is, the Welfare System wasn’t set up to help people to get back on their feet, but to punish them for being failures. These a-holes now want to punish them even further by taking away every last bit of these folks’ dignity. When are people going to see the writing on the wall?!

    Listening: Move Your Hand by Lonnie Smith (Highly recommended)

    • It’s hard not to come to that conclusion. A funny thing I recently discovered is that it initially did help people and they also use to transition out of it. There was actually a time when it was not a lifetime or generational thing. Mostly white people benefited from it back then (because mostly white people were on it). It appeared to be “working”. Then something changed. Can’t quite put my finger on it but something definitely changed. “When are people going to see the writing on the wall?”… you got me! And also feel this attacks their dignity.

      Listening: “Everything She Wants” by Wham (I know… but I haven’t heard it eons lol)!!

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