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11 Year Old Girl Raped By 16-20(?) Men!!! (An Update)


I haven’t wanted to post anything on this because it’s so hard to imagine what this child suffered through as well as 20 guys… :sighs:

I don’t like where the debate [via net] is going on this topic.  And although Quanell X did a good thing by exposing the cops beating that boy in Houston, they’re shifting this one in the wrong direction.  This does not warrant becoming a Jena 6!  These boys weren’t just sitting under a tree minding their own business, they stuck their dicks in a child and it appears they captured it on their cellphones!  You can’t “defend” that shit!  I just want to point this part of the article out:

“This occurred over a long period of time,” he said, wondering why the girl was allowed to spend so much time in a neighborhood where she did not live.

Others, however, have been outraged by those attempting to shift blame. U.S. Rep. Ted Poe, a former prosecutor, said Texas law provides no excuse for anyone to rape a child.

The dates on which the assaults occurred included:

Sept. 15: At least six defendants were alleged to have engaged in multiple sex acts with the child on this date. They included the four accused ringleaders, Devo Shaun Green, 20, and Xavier Montreal King, 17.

Oct. 25: At least three defendants were accused of engaging in multiple sex acts with the child on this date. They included Jamarcus Norris Napper, 18, Eric Bernard McGowen, 19, and Cedric De Ray Scott, 27.

Nov. 28: At least eight suspects assaulted the child multiple times this date at the home of one of the defendants and an abandoned trailer. In addition to at least three of the ringleaders, they included Kelvin Rashad King, 21, Marcus Anthony Porchia, 26, and Jared Glen McPherson, 18. Others present included juveniles charged in the case.

Dec. 1: At least five defendants were alleged to have participated in this incident. This included the four ringleaders and Carlos Bernard Ligons, 25.

It’s unclear from the court records where these additional incidents occurred.

Most of the defendants have since entered not guilty pleas and all but five have been released on bond pending trial.

For her safety, the girl, a sixth-grader, has been withdrawn from Cleveland schools and has been placed in a foster home outside Liberty County.   Click HERE for the full read and video clip.  The mother of one of the accused is interviewed… just brace yourselves.

This is not a racial issue as rape knows no colour!!! This is not a time to shift blame on a child (misguided or not– BIG FAIL, Quanell).  This is about the animals that OUR society has bred and how we’ve dehumanized women and girls (occasionally boys, mostly through media imagery over the past 30+ years)!  If we as a global community are going to weigh in on this– the focus is RAPE only (and dare I say, our responsibility in creating these monsters)!  It’s not just their parents who failed at raising these boys to men.  We also contributed by condoning or turning a blind eye to all of the imagery and bad behavior that’s been available to them.  You think I’m kidding don’t you??  I know too many teenage boys who confessed to screwing a warm pie after watching a movie they called; “American Pie” (I’ve never seen it) as if that’s just the norm!!!  If you think what our kids (boys and girls) are seeing on the big screens and listening to in music hasn’t been twisting their understanding (minds), you’re simply delusional.  The fact that most of these guys plead “not guilty”… man, that speaks volumes to me!

Here’s a glimpse at the dark “minds” that have developed over the years.  And this is just one of many documentaries that captures “the hearts of the lost” as they abuse women and girls with no remorse and young girls who fall victim.  Some of these “fass” [‘fast’] girls have come from unbelievable circumstances too which makes them vulnerable though their exteriors may appear different.  I’m using this clip because I want you to hear what Dominique shares– it’s at the 5:00 cue and less than one minute so there’s no need to watch the entire video.  This 11 year olds’ case is one that we know about but there are far too many that we don’t.We should be protecting our daughters and doing a much better job of raising boys to men.  Rape is not only Cleveland, Texas’ problem– it’s a global societal problem.

19 thoughts on “11 Year Old Girl Raped By 16-20(?) Men!!! (An Update)

  1. I just don’t understand how ANYBODY can put a spin on this! It’s pretty disgusting to me, as it should be to everybody! There shouldn’t be any shades of gray here, and for people to suggest otherwise, shows a lack of basic humanity.

    • I should have written your statement for this post! In this small town of Clevleland, TX, I’ve been reading (mostly within the comment sections) where people were said to have ridiculed this child and not the boys and ‘men’ involved. Seriously, WTH?! Have we really become that barbaric? That poor little girl– she’s a 6th grader, people!!! And I’m really surprised by the women out there who are blaming this child, too. Sad, sad, sad.

  2. This is really pathetic that so many older man are running to have none consensual sex with such a very young girl. All of these young men seems to really have a group of negative influences around them that they would see a situation like this as a opportunity to take advantage of such a young girl and ruin there future in the process. We have too many young men turning into perverts all of the same of bad home training and never and disrespectful images of TV.

    Now I am listen to this young girl being surprise that she was not treated with respect with she entered a situation from the jump did not emulate any kind of respect. Listen to her I made an adults decision as a child but I not adult then honey start to appreciate the child’s place that is giving to you.

    Children have no idea what is being an adult is but are still trying to act out what they really have no knowledge of. A lot of these girls do have families; they are the ones disconnecting form the image of family. Not sure why so many young girls think that being out in the street is safer then being home and I know that some home are not healthy for children as well and in thought cases I can understand but many have safe homes to stay in. These young girls have no clue to the consequences of acting so grown and the pimp game is changing drastically all pimps do is lie and pray on the young and vulnerable.

    To me it seems like women who carry themselves with the most respect cover themselves a lot from these kinds of situations because they are not very interested in the storyline of a so called pimp or man that just walks up to them.

    • It’s a real shame that these monsters thought it was cool to run a train on a child. I read a really interesting article by a man who witnessed gang-rape (running “consensual” trains on young girls) AND he stopped it! Its a powerful account into the minds of ‘men’. I was so pleased to read about his bravery, I’m attempting to contact him for an interview!

      And while we really can only speculate on this child’s situation (upbringing or lack thereof) I get the distinct feeling that she really was very naive about what she may have ‘fallen’ into (she [possibly], like many other young girls and women think ho-ing is cool). But I don’t know one women that wants to have ‘sex’ with 20 guys in one shot (and I have known two self-professed “sluts”). Regardless of her “participation”, it’s important to remind people that no child can legally consent when they are 17 or younger. I remember reading a very interesting analysis about how young girls are very self-assured up until the pre-teens (right around this girls age). There’s a shift that takes place in some girls and they begin to develop insecurities and seek attention (usually the wrong attention). It’s still a ripe environment (mindset) for boys and men to take advantage of them.

      And I can definitely state (especially since the 90’s) that there are an influx of ‘males’ that will be “disrespectful” even when you carry yourself and dress ‘like a lady’. The misogyny in film, music, etc. HAS had its’ serious affects. Quick example; one of the last times I went to a club I was asked to dance. My response wasn’t personal because I like to dance. It just so happened that my feet were killing me and I was basically done for the night. I wasn’t rude or curt– I even told him; “I like this song but dogs [feet] were spent for the night”. It wasn’t like I told him to get out of my fvkn face. You’d think his response would be; “cool”. Nope– dude said and I quote; “fuck u bitch– you think you’re too cute to dance”? WTF was all I thought. That response was COMPLETELY unwarranted. One minute [prior], he wanted to dance with me, the next second, dude had fire in his eyes. Now… I may cuss like a sailor (when the time is appropriate-smiles) but I’m still a fuckin’ lady and I do carry myself as such!!!! And I’ve never carried myself as though “I’m above” anyone. Not me at all. Dude had an opinion of women and rejection was something he seemed to take very personal or maybe he was simply thinking; “you’re just a bitch”.

      I really hope that I can get this man for an interview. I could expound upon countless hours of research on this subject but I think it will have ‘more weight’ coming from a man who’s actually witnessed the act AND the mindset of these “males” involved (in this dark activity). These 16-20 monsters are NOT the only ones out there, that’s for certain. I even discovered that there’s a “mantra” (for lack of a better word) that they “chant”. And this behavior has existed longer than we think.

      P.S. what did you think of Dominique’s account of what happened to her (the girl at the top of the clip)? By the way– I’m still waiting for your new email– have been wanting to send you a Nephilim documentary I think you’ll like (smiles).

      • I was talking about the girl up above who said I made an adult decision but I am still a child. Ok I promise that I will send my info soon just got my computer fixed and then had to take it back because it was still acting glichie.

        I think that she put herself in a very danger place and then wants to get mad at others when it makes her look like a fool. I am so glad that I had a mother with power enough to demand certain traits in me and that I was not one of the young girls chasing around the flock. I had a small number of hot in the azz friends just like I had a good number of positive friends and nothing that I saw made me want to be a hot in the azz young girl or lady and I was raised in the hood but the hood did not raise me. I think it is sad because they sale themselves short. When I look at the Teen Mom show all of these women having babies by such disrespectful young men and I’m like you wanted to have this nut job baby? why? A lot of the girls on there as well do not know how to carry there self in a respectful manner either. To me sex is the last things you do to show love not the first and it is not something that you give out like candy to everyone just because they want some.

      • Hi there, lady!

        Okay cool (on the email deal) and that you watched (sounds like the entire) clip!

        While I agree with you on the low esteem that our girls and some young women do have (that’s makes them voluntarily exploit themselves), I disagree with your statement here; “I think that she put herself in a very danger place and then wants to get mad at others when it makes her look like a fool.”. The reports have been surprisingly consistent on the statement that: “she was threatened that she would be beaten up by some girls if she didn’t comply”. If true, that indicates more than her making the decision. Should she not have been there? Of course not but again… I can only envision an 11 year old girl who’s clueless to the dark side of our society. Again, lack of parenting and media has had a tremendous impact on this ever increasing behavior.

        I will say this… Quanell needs to sit his ass down on this one. Dude was caught up in a extra marital affair that was quite the scandal so him implying any notion about an 11 year old’s “promiscuity” is moot. And I’m ‘totally trippin’ that all of these boys were teenagers and adults were as old as 27. They are pedophiles in my book.

        EDITORS NOTE: Hold tha phone– you mean to tell me there’s a show about “Teen Moms”?! Good LAWD! TV is POISON!!!

    • Hi there, lady!

      Yeah, I’d tried to stay away from the topic but it pissed me off that race was being made an issue and that blame was being placed on a child.

      Cute pic by the way! 🙂

  3. Wow! This is 1 of the top blogs I’ve actually come across that took a solid approach on this subject. Merely Magnificent! The video clip was a good touch. We SHOULD be protecting our daughters. I love your phrase, creating “boys to men”. Thank you for putting the focus where it belongs; on RAPE not race.

    • Ahhh, man (now… I do know that you’re a woman- smiles)! Thank you for the kind KUDOs! And Magnificent?! Come on… I need an EDITOR! hahaha Sometimes I look back at the posting here and I think to myself… “good grief do I NEED AN EDITOR badly”! hahaha

      But thank you for your kind words. Why anyone in their right mind would suggest or entertain that an 11 year old girl would “know the ways of the world” HAD to be addressed (in some form). Rape will always be about rape and not RACE to me. I sincerely appreciate your comment.

      Peace and blessing to you and yours,

  4. I watched it all, and it was certainly touchin’…

    the mother lookin’ for her daughter was somethin else. that officer she was talkin to was too f*kn much. he should be fired and that whole department rearranged. omg!

    God this is too much. The girl who was snatched comin’ from school and taken to that house- that prosecutor needs a back-do’ ass whuppin’ but that judge made it aiight lettin’ her go home with her mother, and iggin’ his stupid ass…

    • You watched the entire clip?! Cool! It’s tough to watch isn’t it? The scene with all the girls sleeping in the car while their pimp took video of them was just… man!!!!!

      That cop should have been dealt with for his inaction. To think that he could have stepped in saved that girl immediately and didn’t was… UGH!!!!! That poor mother’s anguish was so deeply felt….

      And you’re right– it is too much and that’s why it needs to be exposed. I can’t believe my ears and eyes sometimes!!!

  5. everyday i wake up and i believe i have already heard the worst of the worst on this planet then i find i have not..i heard about this case.how could these many men think what they did was alright?don’t they have mothers,sisters,aunts,nieces?i want people to think what if she was your relative?we see woman dressed provocative every day but do these guys run up and pull there close up and pull their dicks out?no because they know their will be hell to pay.these monsters are not animals.animals don’t act like that.when a dog is in heat the male dog fights off the other dogs.these ugly motherfuckers are lower than,ist dogs.iam not happy this happen but iam glad they filmed it so the police can convict them.these are some ugly ass niggers.what if their mother was gang raped?what could these diease spreding snakes think this was okay. now our tax dollars have to keep them safe because even the most hard core criminals hate rapistand child molesters anhere we have both not to mention kidnapping.

    • Hi there Linda and thanks for chiming in! “Don’t they have mothers…” well, sadly some only have incubators hence the mother in the clip of one of the accused. It’s a shame that there can’t be any updates until after it’s all blown over because of the gag order. I want to make sure all involved get their mugshots plastered on this blog! And I agree with you– animals don’t act like that and dogs are definitely a step up from those miscreants! And I’m truly digging your passion but this is a blog where we don’t use the n-word. Check these out: https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2010/08/20/the-n-word-lets-eliminate-it-for-good-mature-language/ and https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2010/12/28/racism-a-rant-observation/. I was going to edit it out but I really don’t get down like that. I actually do believe in free speech but that word makes my skin crawl especially when I hear another brotha/sista use it. I hope that won’t dissuade you from checking out other articles here anytime in the future.

      Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!

      “we see woman dressed provocative every day but do these guys run up and pull there close up and pull their dicks out?”… you’d be surprised at the behavior of some ‘males’. boy could i tell you some stories!

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  7. ther is no excuse what so ever to what these monsters have done.every one of there faces need to be shown.even the ass ewipe who will testify for the state.i remember them holding up a blanket to hide their ugly faces.these ugly ass what ever they are called need to be taken out and whipped until the skin falls off their backs.these monsters have females in their family.they would be ready to kill.these things are so disgusting i donot concider them human beings.they did this to a child.these ignorant pieces of cow dunk.they need life plus 100 years.ms 13 will be in there, the mexican mafia, the muslims crips.bloods and they hate rapist.you guys will be bait not new fish.get those butt holes ready so you will know how it feels.that little girl could walk the street naked and you should not have touched her you sick slugs.i pray you never get out

  8. they need to rock these monsters to death.give every inmate 20 rocks apiece and rock them to death.20 tor each rapist

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