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Mid-Week Jam (MWJ): “(Soul) Bossa Nova” by Quincy Jones

First recorded by “The Q” [aka Quincy Jones] in 1962.  Most are familiar with this song due to the “Austin Powers” flicks.  Don’t sell it short, though!  Dude (“The Q”) left the u.s., trekked over to Europe and then he became a “success”.  No way to make it “big” on the chitterlings circuit (in the u.s.) back those days (remember Josephine Baker, don’t you?   She also self-exiled.)  Awe, Paris!  Rich with black culture/history and captures significant parts of our past.  I’m “stuck” on this one so I hope it will get you through “hump day”.  Enjoy! 🙂  P.S. maybe there’s a reason why Quincy has been on my mind lately.  Just did a google search and discovered that Quincy Jones just had a birthday (3/14/33)!!!

3 thoughts on “Mid-Week Jam (MWJ): “(Soul) Bossa Nova” by Quincy Jones

  1. Thanks, Jazz! It’s what this tired head needed. I hope to get into the deeper posts in the course of the weekend.

    Listening: Last Day of Our Acquaintance by Sinead O’Connor. (A sad but beautiful song)

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