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Nelson Lee Walker of “TenureCorrupts.com has something to say…

I was raised that we should respect our elders and learn from their wisdom.  I’d say Nelson Lee Walker is an elder to be reckoned with.  Go on, Nelson with your bad self!You have to admit, he hit the nail on the head with the Department of Energy!  This is what happens when we care more about whether a candidate wears “boxers or briefs” instead of real issues.  As the title of the video clip says; “How Govt works and it’s YOUR FAULT”!

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4 thoughts on “Nelson Lee Walker of “TenureCorrupts.com has something to say…

  1. Hey lady what’s up?

    Well the government is not taking over, there stupid azz just gave over all control to people who are more ruthless then they are because all most high and well off people only want to see money. I am getting so tried of believing everyone that I hear and never getting a change, to see it with my very own eyes. Like for instance that tsunami in Japan. very sad and I want to offer some kind of assistant but I don’t trust the system enough to give them my money or donations. This is the third natural disaster that I really wanted to be apart of financially but we never get to see where the products goes. I have not seen any evidence out of the three situations; Katrina, Haiti, and now Japan that shows that these countries and places actually got the assistant that was needed. and I remind you that two of these places was heavily black in origin.

    I think when it comes to donations things should be very transparent I want to see the people get the food and shelter that is needed but we never see nothing but destruction. When you really have no secret then there is really nothing to hind. I just fear with all of the ignorance and stupidity out here today among the common everyone US citizens. It’s like they create a situation where you government never has to tell them truth or show them truth so they get no truth. I just don’t want to be stupid at the end of the day and give my hard earning money to someone else corrupted cause.

    We already know that down the line the company who has the monopoly will also have the power, energy and everything else. I actually think that having the monopoly is more dangerous than have healthy completion when it comes to businesses. It like being an empire or a monarchy because you make all of the rules and don’t have to be accountable to anyone but your own corrupted values. This kind of situation will never be for the people.

    • Hi there, lady!

      I can’t disagree with you at all! I’m astounded by the inability of people to see what has become more clear in just the past year alone! “I actually think that having the monopoly is more dangerous than have healthy competition when it comes to business. It’s like being an empire or a monarchy because you make all of the rules and don’t have to be accountable to anyone but your own corrupted values.” Don’t you think it’s quite telling that measures/Exec. Orders/etc, seem to focus on u.s. citizen rather than real terrorists” or big business? The U.S. Patriot Act is the sharpest example we have of the types of minds we’re dealing with! What was it… over 700(?) american citizens have either been detained, surveyed, raided, etc. under the “act” and of those, only three were actual “terrorists”. Detaining people indefinitely or without to counsel should have raised flags in everyone’s mind. But of course, it hasn’t.

      “This kind of situation will never be for the people.” You got that right! I hope people will take the time to read the link that’s within this article. I think it really has the teeth to change things for the very first time in a looooong time. To me, it offers the perfect ‘revolution’ without bloodshed, chaos. It’s a singular focus that every person, group or organizations can hone in on and the impact will be tremendous. I think one of the problems that all of these ‘movements’ are having is that we are looking at things with our ’causes’ in mind and not how big out of control govt is impacting us all. And until you can chop off the head, the body really won’t die. This approach has the ability to ‘clean house’ whether they like it or not! I like that concept a lot.

      As for Nelson Lee Walker (soul-ger #1 in my book)– I just love when he said; “hello? is anybody listening?”:)

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    • Ah, man… you got a sista blushin big time! WHO KNEW?! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and letting me know you dig what Why O’ Why is doing! So much love in the room!!! Have a great day, Denis!


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