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Meet Your Meat

I’m sure plenty of you guys will chicken out (yes, I’m calling you a chicken) and not watch this but I feel we should be informed about the things we eat.  I also remember a few weeks back when a few buddies ordered some wings while we were playing cards.  They ordered 50 wings.  There were so many broken-boned, bloody wings in that batch– it was disgusting.  One of our buddies (a die hard carnivore) actually said he was done with chicken after that!  Hey– that’s a start!

4 thoughts on “Meet Your Meat

  1. Girl I must admit that I am squeamish to look at this even though I know I need to because I don’t do well with senseless violence against anything with life. It is so very sad how these animals get treated but I know that I need to look at it so hear we go pray for me…lol.. I really want to live in a place that still have an abundant farm life where animals are happy and get the proper attention that they need because as we see in this world we are not far from being treated like animals ourselves. It just comes to show you that the only things that matter to most is money and product at the end of the day and soon we will also think that it is very susceptible to treat people this way which has already happen with slavery. This is so sad and just might really change my eating habits which also will take so much more discipline on my part alone without being lazy. Remember Alicia Silverstone (from the movie Crush and so many others)well she is a vegan and is pregnant and looks good for being pregnant well she has a book out that teaches you have to make vegan foods that look just like regular food but is much healthier. Remember what I told you about Canada that they don’t send there animals to slaughter houses and they try not create stress for the animal that they will soon be eating that is the kind of country that I am looking for because it just takes a small amount of decency. At the end of the day the joke is on us because we then consume these violent deaths and more taken care of animals.

    • hahaha! no, no, no– you’ve got to brave through this one! And it’s not because I am a vegan, I really think people need to see it. And I totally hear what you’re saying about keeping the animals stress free, but I no longer believe what we’ve been told about consuming meat. I don’t think our bodies need it. Just like milk– the only milk humans needs is the milk from their moms. But that’s just me. And this clip certainly shows the brutality and I think it is very tragic but that’s not the only reason I wanted to post it. There’s so much going with our meat and people need to ‘man up’ and check it out. If people no longer believe the adage; “you are what you eat” they should still know what they’re eating.

      What I don’t think that people might know is how these natural farms are actually (quietly) being ‘targeted’ by govt agencies. It’s like they want us to eat from these puppy mill like factories for cattle and trying to shut down farms that want to produce natural foods (of all kinds). Think I’m joking? Peep this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5zPhhNUakc Guns drawn like they’re going after Capone! Natural foods warrant arrests/raids but cattle mill type farms get nothing but protection? Recently, one state made it illegal to secretly film the brutality these animals suffer instead of punishing the farmers who do this? Really– even Stevie Wonder can see there’s a problem. And I wouldn’t eat any cattle just based on that alone!

      You can watch it! I know you can! 🙂

  2. The sad part of it all is if the corporations continue to intimidate everyone to this kind of live stock living, no animals will experience the good life in general. why are we so scared as people?

    • Why are people so afraid– I wish I knew the answer. I know one thing we’ve become– followers. There are very few leaders in any given pack these days.

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