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Cops On Steroids

This is a quick compilation from Brasschecktv.com that highlights a few cases of cops on steroids.  I think it might explain the excessive force we are seeing far too often with these thugs in blue lately.  Here’s the description of the clip:

They’ll happily ruin a person’s life over a joint, but thousands of US police officers are drug criminals themselves – and they operate with near-total immunity.

Their drug of choice: steroids.

And it’s been a problem for many, many years.

There is some justice here though…

Steroid abuse leads to sterility, impotence, heart attack, kidney failure and other health problems.  Unfortunately, these idiots do a lot of damage before they fall apart.

By the way, after they do fall apart, guess who gets to subsidize their lifetime disability pay and medical services? You do. And in most jurisdictions being convicted of a crime has no impact on benefits and pensions for these miscreants.

Drug testing for cops? It doesn’t happen.

Steroid pumped morons…

Is anybody else pissed to find that we get to pay for their drug abused bodies when they finally fall apart?  The fact that this is a problem that is ignored is just as infuriating too.  When will people finally get mad enough to do something?

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