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Police Corruption Exposed (once again– those dirty m.f.’s)!!!!

A special thanks to Wilfredo for sending this one in!  Thanks for thinking of Why O’ Why, my friend.  You were right, this is so up my alley! 😉

I’m so troubled by this video and story I can hardly find the words!  Be warned, it is graphic but I’m including it because not only should it be exposed, but people… we’ve got to get organized and fight against this sort of thing.  I know many will already know that this happens everyday, but does that mean we shouldn’t start doing something about it?  Public Servants are just that– our employees!!!  Although the title of the story reads: “Family Of Michael Pleasance Gets $3 Million Settlement: Unarmed Man Shot By Chicago Cop (VIDEO)”, that is certainly not the point.  I actually take offense to them using the word “gets”– no, no, no… they lost they’re SON (man-child)!!!  And by the way… this story has been on youtube for almost 3 years– so why is this only NOW beginning to get wider attention?  Is it because of the amount of the settlement or the real issue which is an unarmed child who posed no threat but was shot in plain sight by a corrupt cop?!  Muthafuckin’ media is a trip!!! Click HERE for the full read.Thanks again, Wilfredo for the tip and heads up on this.  You ROCK, my man!

4 thoughts on “Police Corruption Exposed (once again– those dirty m.f.’s)!!!!

  1. Police corruption happens everyday in every state of the union according to many Experts. The, prosecutors prosecute cases that many are overturned upon Appeals. Ever seen the shows where large numbers of convicts are released even after confessing to the crimes they were convicted of based upon DNA results clearing them and an endless list of other means clearing them. There have even been people put to death for crimes they didn’t commit.

    • I agree with you– it’s too wide spread. The system is completely broken and we are creating criminals in uniform as long as we stand by and do nothing. I’ve also been researching the wide use of steroids amongst our men in blue which may explain the excessive force we’ve been seeing far too often, lately. I can only add, “where is their incentive to change when we remain silent”? I reiterate– they are public servants. They are OUR employees… and any police chief that will continue to hold a policy of paid administrative leave when a life is lost, should be fired. It’s insulting that the criminals in uniform are giving what essentially comes down to a paid vacation “while an investigation is conducted”. And this example of what happened in Chicago should have all americans enraged enough to the point of action.

      What is most heartbreaking about this story is that his mother claimed from the beginning that her son wasn’t “the criminal”– it was only when the tape surfaced that her claims were finally acknowledged. That’s quite telling about the police force these days. They think we’re all criminals even when we are not. This entire incident is infuriating.

    • I know!!!! That’s the part that really got my blood boiling! It’s very disturbing that a thorough investigation wasn’t done from the onset. I know there has to be a way to curtail this behavior…

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