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2 thoughts on “Rahm Emanuel prior to ‘election’. Plus, this is a great example of how free press no longer exists

  1. Ugh, these politicians are nothing but walking sound bites! And when questions are asked that are considered tough, they just ignore. And what is that asshole with the shades and mic talking about “real reporters”? Are there real reporters, really?

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    • “Ugh, these politicians are nothing but walking sound bites!” lol– I keep trying to tell people that these talking dummies are nothing but part of a production! Rahm churns out the same catch phrase talking points as all of our previous candidates always have. They’ve been regurgitating the same script for eons it seems. Plus, it really should be painfully obvious that the powers that be placed him there for a reason. I told a few buddies when it was announced that he was running, I immediately said; “He’ll win. There’s gonna be controversy but he’s going to win.”

      And they were the faces of “real reporters”. Why are they upset by Kelly’s questions to the point of threatening the guy? Everybody is in this big pocket-o’-money pool. We haven’t been consistently getting real news for the past 30+ years. It truly has become a joke.

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