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4 thoughts on “Black Reporter Saves KKK? What in the Guacamole?!

  1. I think the reporter did exactly the right thing, even if he had known that the white guy was a skinhead.

    Listening: Head to Toe by Eric Roberson

    • I hear you but I think what bugs me about this clip and that the black reporter wasn’t listening to the black victim when he exclaimed that “they were trying to rob him”. He continued to hold him to the ground allowing the skin head to get one good last lick in. And when that happened, he didn’t turn to the skinhead and give the same ‘speech’; “you could hurt him”. Maybe the adrenaline was too high but he didn’t become neutral when he did get a better feel of what was actually taking place. It’s something about brothers not standing together that’s gnawing at me on this one. (I think.)

      Listening: Maaaan— you totally missed me on that one. It’s got that whole rkelly thing that I loathe so much. That’s not music to me. My ears can only take less than 2 seconds of that sound or they start to bleed!! lol

      • Hahaha, it happened to have been the first listen. I thought the production was pretty standard, but the dude does have talent.

        You having served in the Armed Forces should know that when the adrenaline surges, one tends to be fixated on the one action. I’m willing to give the reporter the benefit of the doubt that he just didn’t see what the other one did. I’m not going to read further into that because it would just be speculation.

      • tell tha truth– you know u love some “imma pee on you” rkelly tunes! hahaha

        And just a brief correction, never in the armed forced but i worked with them. prior to that– i was well immersed in media for nearly 20 years. i simply identify with the adrenaline aspect because emotions create that in an intense encounter. I don’t think (?) I was speculating, just making notes of what the video contained. The footage had to go back to the station, get edited before it hit the airwaves– this reporter had plenty of time to reflect on what occurred. I also thought it was inappropriate for him to present the newsclip of his experience which may explain why my mind is only seeing that one brother didn’t extend his hand to help another. Again– once that reporter was given a ‘hint’ of what was actually happening he ignored the mans exclaims. And I thought it mentioned that the police were aware that these ‘skinheads’ were supremacists? There was a lot of good the reporter did by stepping in initially, but the end result was a “miss” (on some level) to me.

        Listening: Mr. Blue Sky by ELO (you’ve got me in a old skool rock groove lately)! 🙂

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