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Houston Bullies Are At Again (but this time they’re messing with an Atty.)

Remember the post about Chad Holley that was beaten by the local police and the Mayor, Police Chief and D.A. tried to block the tape from public viewing?  Looks like they are at again but this time they’re pointing their efforts at a local Attorney/Council Member.  Before you view the video let me point out one thing…

Jolanda Jones (the Atty.) is only informing citizens of their rights.  She’s not discouraging people to not come forward if they are a witness to a crime (for example), she’s simply educating local citizens that if they feel they are being stopped, illegally searched without probable cause or harassed in any way by police, that they have a right to stay silent until they speak with counsel.  Most people should know that, but there are so many who fear the police they don’t know that they have the 4th Amendment at their disposal.  She made the statement; “this is nothing but a distraction” and she’s right.  The focus should be on the Mayor, Police Chief and D.A. as well as those punk ass cops who used excessive force on a (bad-ass) kid that was down on the ground, surrendering and clearly not a threat.  Houston is a trip!  I’m sure this will blow over because she’s broken no laws or ethics codes whatsoever.  Basically, they’re just mad because they were exposed (thanks to Quanell X) and people are starting to get informed and hopefully, organized.  So KUDOS Ms. Jones!  Stand your ground!  Click HERE for the video and full read.  Thanks “T” for the link.

EDITORS NOTE 3/11/11:  I was just sent an email.  If people are in the area or would like to show their support, Councilwoman Jones can be reached at 832-393-3006

18 thoughts on “Houston Bullies Are At Again (but this time they’re messing with an Atty.)

  1. There in lies the actual problem, they are said to be messing with an attorney. But, the problem is on the attorney’s part and they will clean the clock of any attorney. They win, attorney loses imo. Because the attorney relies on speculation and the other side acts upon facts.

  2. Well hi there stranger! Hope all is well.

    Now… you have to look at the Chad Holley link along with the video about Ms. Jones. She’s been at this since 2002 if not longer (according to the article), so my first question is why all of a sudden is there a problem?

    And “messing with her” is my term on this– when you’ve looked at all the videos I think you’ll come to another conclusion. She’s actually done nothing wrong and the only reason I feel she’s being “investigated” is because of the heat of the Chad Holley video.

    By the way, the Nancy Grace scary demon face you got up is going to give me nightmares! haha You’re sooo wrong for that! lol

    • It’s great for an attorney to get their clocks cleaned, just like your hero Nancy who got remanded so many times and most of her cases were overturned that she was literally forced to leave Atlanta or she would be disbarred. she still cannot practice Law anymore in any state of the entire United States of America. Look it up. Plus, she paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars on her role in ending the life of a victim recently. Like Nancy says, no one ever settles a lawsuit if they are not guilty. She belongs in prison for her crimes.

      • whatthahell? Nancy Grace is no hero of mine girly! I believe in putting feet to the fire but only when they’ve done something wrong. Your thing with Nancy is your deal– she’s small beans on my radar (but for the record I think she is a ‘travesty’). But don’t condemn without some facts.

        I get the strong sense you’ve still not looked at the video: http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news%2Flocal&id=7976329 because again, all this atty is doing is informing citizens of their rights. Ms. Jones and Grace are two different people. I personally think over 70% of attys. ARE snakes but there are some who do good. Slow your roll… they’re not all the same.

  3. Unfortunately, I can’t weigh in on an opinion since the page was not found when I clicked on the link. But I do remember reading your previous post and she is absolutely right about calling out these officials.

    Listening: Mighy, Mighty Children by Baby Huey

      • But have you seen the video of the gratuitous beating? Never mind about Jolanda Jones, don’t you think the DA and the mayor should get some kind of censure for refusing to divulge this information?

      • Thanks on both counts, Jazz!
        Now, upon viewing the video and reading up on it, Jones is showboating a little, but I know where that comes from, too. When I lived in NYC in the eighties, it was the introduction of crack cocaine, and there were turf wars, let me tell you. People kept calling cops at every turn, but to no avail. We were, after all, mostly Black and Hispanics, and the precinct that presided was mostly white and living in Jersey or Upstate NY. After awhile, folks stopped calling cops, and I didn’t rely on them at all. I used to have to take care of stuff in my own building. With few exceptions, the only thing certain about cops is that they would treat people like shite. I can understand Jones’ position, but it’s really not a solution. There has to be a middle ground. Perhaps more hands-on involvement from the communities.
        @michelle – Sorry about that miscommunication on my part, I didn’t see that the avi was that troll, Nancy Grace (a misnomer, indeed) and thought you had gotten the name of the lawyer wrong. Sorry.

        Listening: How Can I Be Sure by The Young Rascals.

        P.S. Jazz, I knew you would love that song! It’s a shot of positivity!

  4. Anyone who has ever watched a Nancy Grace show on CNN has learned to never ever talk to police about anything ever. Nancy shows why people should never speak or act in any assistable manner to benefit any police at any time. Nancy continues to prove her point by the ongoing stories of police corruption and the lack of the prosecution teams throughout the United States to adequately do their job. Nancy is a prime example herself where she was finally removed from her position in Atlanta and she can never practice Law anymore anywhere within the entire U.S.A., most of her won-cases were later overturned, after years of prosecuting so-called “vicious” criminals there remains not a single defendant in custody today from her efforts. She is a total and complete loser. She even conceded to causing the death of a victim she telephoned several years back, inially denied her role affected any death, then she recently paid the surviving family two hundred thousand dollars to be quiet. Nancy has said herself so many times that no one ever settles any lawsuit if they are not guilty of the crime. Nancy Grace is a criminal and should be in prison for life.

    • It’s not possible for me to agree with you more! But it seems as though people like her are multiplying and the MSM are loving them, as they get all the free publicity they want.

    • @michellefrommadison, I don’t disagree with you one bit. Nancy and all of them are poison and no one should be tuning in. I personally would have preferred the dialogue focus on the article because I still say what Ms. Jones is doing is not a bad thing at all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqhW4GaZyx8

      @Wilfredo, you’re the second one to make mention of “showboating”– am I missing something because I don’t see that exuding from her. “Perhaps more hands-on involvement from the communities.”, I think that’s a critical element to turning things around without a doubt. And what you share about NYC during 80’s is so accurate. Wouldn’t you say that things were a little better when people took care of each other (watched out for the community)? I’m not implying perfection of course but it had to be an improvement?

      Listening: Love that flashback gem! 🙂

      • By nature, most politicians showboat. Having worked for a politician in NY, I was exposed to a lot of that. It’s a vicious cycle because, as good as your intentions are, you have to present them in a way that’s appealing to the masses, because the masses tend to be a bit thick. There was no real offense meant by my term, but it is accurate, I think.
        And, yeah, I used to love that neighborhood folks used to look out for each other.

        Listening: Li’l Star by Kelis and Cee Lo

      • Okay… I see where you’re coming from. And I definitely comprehend thick headed masses! “And, yeah, I used to love that neighborhood folks used to look out for each other.” Me too, man. I hope we can get back to that one day too.

    • You “ain’t neva lied”! That’s why we have 9 yr olds with type 2 diabetes!!! sitting in the house on their chunky butts playing video games, NOT getting to know who’s who in the neighborhoods (it’s funny, but it ain’t).

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