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This is GREAT! A Way To Fight Back WITHOUT Chaos.

Seems some people out there might understand how to deal with TSA after all.  Pay close attention to the dialogue– see if you can hear the propaganda (remember the posts that I’ve made about media so far, too and don’t forget to read the Chyron).  Here’s a hint: these two are black and women for a reason.  These two heifers actually aren’t that good at disguising it [hidden message] through their very scripted exchange.

7 thoughts on “This is GREAT! A Way To Fight Back WITHOUT Chaos.

  1. Hmmm, Miss Thang seemed to have found the actions of the café objectionable. I mean, it only seems fair for a place to repel your invaders, no?

    Listening: Oh How It Hurts by Barbara Mason

  2. Hello lady now this is interesting because it’s actually in there work environment. Now we are talking about the stores and shops within the airport? I mean this might let the TSA agents feel the pinch for s while but still essentially a lot of the TSA people are there regular customers.

  3. @Wilfredo–

    Of course they would have objections– that’s media! But knowing several business owners, there is no reason to spin what the cafe did because they can refuse any customer(s) they want from their establishment. No law was broken and this might be a good wake up call for those TSA bullies too. I personally hope other establishments will follow their example. EDITORS NOTE: forgot to mention looove the song!;)

    @Bibi Reusing–

    Well, thank you and I’m glad it has helped in some way. I’m staying on top of this issue until they are removed from all airports. Rest assured. 🙂


    I think any establishment that identifies TSA should banish them. Put the shoe on the other foot and give them a taste of their own medicine. What americans need to understand about this bogus process is that they are not in every airport nor are they doing this overseas. We are not being protected one bit by this. Instead, we are volunteering to subject ourselves to radiation and allowing ourselves to be viewed naked for their jollies. People really need to research how many sex deviants have been hired there too.

    In a ‘minute’ we’ll be just like days gone by; “show me your papers”.

  4. I’d have to give u props on this subject. Which is not something I typically do! I really like a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

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