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This is absurd!!

I don’t believe this survey for one moment… nope, not at all!!  But if 51% of american women say they’d give up sex for 1 year to be skinny… that says 2 things about them:

1) Clearly, they are not getting properly laid (and that’s a reflection on the boyfriends/husbands too)

2) If that many women truly do feel that way– TURN OFF THE IDIOT BOX because you’re officially an idiot!  Media has poisoned you into believing that your body is not right.  Not everyone is meant to be “skinny”!

Modeling, music, magazines, movies, commercial advertising being probably the most damaging if you have a low self-esteem to begin with.  “Toddlers & Tiaras” is probably the worst programming I’ve seen as of late as this is a direct attack on our little girls’ self-esteem as early at 3 years old.  Make up, hair spray, hair extensions and false eyelashes on fucking babies?!  I personally consider that a form a child abuse so don’t put this shit on the web as I might put you blast.  I’ve got a real care for our kids– black, white, purple– it doesn’t matter!  Kids need to be kids as long as they can so introducing the concept of appearances before they can spell is jacked up!.

If women truly feel this way– it’s time to stop having babies.  Seriously– if you think you’re not passing on your warped views to your children you as dumb as this survey!  Men are not concerned about their body image at all.  I also know that men don’t pay attention to our tiny “flaws” until we point them out!  The men I know REALLY hate that too!  I can count every 7th man I might encounter on any day that’s overweight AND walking around with B-cups!!  Utterly ridiculous how many women have been manipulated into thinking there is such a thing as perfection.  FUCKING INSANE!  Not only do I loathe hoochies, groupies, gold-diggers and horrible mothers who embarrass my gender but this shit here… I CAN’T STAND WEAK-ASS WOMEN!Notice the propaganda?  51% should not be on that Chryon when only 2,400 women were surveyed.

2 thoughts on “This is absurd!!

  1. Brava, Jazz, you are spot on with this post! I like curves on my women, so these women who prefer to be skinny than to be serviced well, would be women I’d steer clear from!

    Listening: Cold as Ice by Foreigner

  2. Well, THANKS, man!!! 🙂 I finally “got it right”! (hahaha) after 2 disagreements in our views…

    And if I were a man– I’d stay away from these knuckleheads too!

    Listening: LOVED “Cold As Ice”!!! 🙂

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