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Mainstream Media (MSM)… when will people learn?

I know people are just not accepting what media is really about and each day you keep clogging your brains with its’ mess the more uninformed you really are.  Use your head.  Watch and learn… peep “the game”.Remember the post I made about Edward Bernays (second clip)?  The history of where this all stems from began with Edward.  Remember… the word Public Relations did NOT exist prior to Bernays, which he spun from the word… PROPAGANDA.

3 thoughts on “Mainstream Media (MSM)… when will people learn?

  1. That why I don’t watch tv why should I absorb lies. My only real job is to protect my heart and my mind. I also say this but here it is again. Protect your heart and soul/mind with all diligence be because out of these to place create the issues of life. Prudent people (which is considered people who take the time to be
    wise) do not look for the trust but the lies because they do not except the strangers truth. I like what the lady said the illusion of choice, most of us can have a normal and real life when we stop accepting and chasing the public images and understanding of the media it’s not madatory for surivival.

    • Hi there lady!

      “I like what the lady said about the illusion of choice,”– the entire clip is very important, but that is in simple, lay terms. If people don’t grasp that information, they deserve to continued to be deceived. What the ex-producer of 60 Minutes says is important as well. As many years as I worked in that business, it’s astonishes me that only 40% of the people I know believe what I say about our media. After almost 20 years of working in that business and they know I have the inside scoop they still are reluctant to believe that they are being deceived. SMH. This proves that the brainwashing techniques are very effective.

      I fell out with a buddy the other day because I was extremely offended by his over use of the term “radical Muslims”. That is repeated dialogue through media. When I asked him where his proof was to just go with a statement like that, his response was “I heard it on the news”! Dude– (i said) you’re not listening! I lived in the region but you’re getting your facts from the news?! And this was after he saw this clip! I can’t deal with people like that anymore…. I have no patience for it. Then he mentions how he served his country (Vietnam) and we should never turn our back on it. No… when we hold our government ACCOUNTABLE that is the true definition of Patriotism (a word dumbasses love to throw around). I ended our conversation by reminding him (more than likely this was the first he’d heard of it)… those fallen soldiers from Vietnam were shipped back in body bags with cocaine in them– that’s the government you continue to hold so high. You support drug dealers! Of course he wanted to debate further so I told him to research on his own. I refuse to pacify him or anyone else. And it’s not that people have to agree with me but I need to continue to make sure I’m around CRITICAL THINKERS. Our conversation proved to me he was not.

      This clip is telling it like it really is. Veterans of media are bailing out because they are no longer able to go with the lies they are forced to create. This stuff is real and is intended to keep people misinformed. This is just one of many pieces of information that’s available. I’m thinking of posting this clip because it’s probably the first honest live feed Fox has been involved in. Geraldo and Shepp(?) are clearly overtaken by their real emotions (and not what they get paid to do- full clip is less than 5 minutes): http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_671876&feature=iv&v=tGU2GVilKPg

  2. Just another confirmation to of why I don’t watch TV especially the news. I keep saying this but it all goes back to protect the heart and soul (which the mind your free will, thinkier and chooser) with all diligent because there flows the issues of life.

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